Friday, February 29, 2008

"The State of Cleveland"-Family Guy "Cleveland" Gets His Own Show!

Hahahahahahaha, You HAVE to laugh it this one!
"Cleveland Brown" the super laid back neighbor and good friend of the Griffins is getting is own show! True story! That's funny for so many reasons, the 1st one being that this will be the 1st black animated (leading character) show since...well since
that black teen superhero show.
Second reason would be that, he's voiced by a white guy. Which speaks volumes that black actors can't even get work in Hollywood to do damn voice overs too!?! I'm pretty sure it will be funny. Just the thought of the possibilities of playing on and against African-American stereotypes, is Emmy award winning material alone. And obviously there will be Family Guy character cameos, besides appearances by other (in) famous black actors. FOX is a perfect name for that network 'cause they're definitely crazy like one. Tune in folks or be tuned out.

"Heroes Aren't Just Sandwiches" - The Dark Knight & Iron Man Previews

Every once in a while I like to "Get my Geek on" and read info about upcoming comic based movies that I have some childhood connection to. At one time I was an avid comic book collector, and to this day I still have'em stacked away neatly in some plastic. But no 40 year old virgin am I. I am legend (just ask somebody). Here's some tidbits I got wind off about Marvel and D.C.'s dueling Superhero flicks hitting the theaters (and yo pockets) soon. The first image is a scene from a straight to Blu-Ray DVD (July 8th) Japanimation / Anime film (Batman:Gotham Knight) bridging the gap between the 1st Bale Batman (Batman Begins) and the newest one (Dark Knight) coming out. The second is the latest trailer promoting the highly buzzed Iron Man movie. Cue the lights, popcorn and action!

"Flashing Lights"-Paparazzi Pics (Pt.11 & 1/2)

Before I even get into what where these picture are from,
Imma need you to put your mother f'n hands together for (cue drum roll)
Kristen Frazier (Corner Stone Marketing!)
With out her you'd just be looking at words right now (lol).
Now, on to the show! Last night was part two of my crash course
in true Hip Hop (pt.1 beginning Tues. Smirnoff concert)!
The Legendary Pete Rock, Wade & Company, Rhymefest,
Black Thought, Erick Sermon, Royal
Flush, Styles P,
Lordz of the Underground,
Some random white dude doing a really good drunk Kanye
impression, were all the things I got to witness first hand.
You get to see the pictures:

The "lost" pics from LIU's Free concert
presented by YUME
starring Deemi, Eric Roberson, and heaVY

Thursday, February 28, 2008

"Wear Brooklyn At?" -BK Circus Sale

If your reading posting off of your iPhone or your "Crackberry," then I'm guessing that you've already camped out in the subzero temps to get an early jump on all the others cats vying to cope something stamped BKC. If you're just finding out about this now, then see ya on 3rd Ave...Cause that's where the line will be stretched to. Lol. Worry not though, the "heat" you come home with will be well worth enduring the cold. Besides, you need to look good for the YUME jumpoff
"the Prelude"
later on tonight. Is BK in the house? Without a doubt!
Half off selected items
Friday, Feb. 29th 2008
258 Bergen St.
(betwn Nevins and 3rd Ave.)

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.10)

After coming down from the high of the Smirnoff concert it was off to the next "fix." Stopped through to the after work shindig at
(Hudson & W. 14th St.) where drinks and massages were the flava of the day...Dope spot btw, really intimate setting.
Killed time (and brain cells drinking), then made a scheduled guest appearance at (Bad Boy artist) Cheri Dennis' release party over at Home (27th and 10th Ave). It was ZOO YORK! Hands down, it was a great end to a good night. I've done you the favor of bringing back some flicks.

"Everybody 1, 2, Stretch"- the Fly Spy

Sorry to tell you (not really), but you are NOT the pioneer of fashion that you think you are! The deep V-neck, the enormous white sunglasses, the colored pencil thin
stretch jeans

(what else could he wear?), all those things, you have to credit Plastic Man for rocking first.
While getting fitted for his costume as a fighter of crime,
"Plas" had a moment of inspiration and said
to his tailor
"Hey, you think you can make the neck line a wee bit deeper?"
"There's no reason I can't bring sexy back while bringing
the crime rate down...right?"
And viola', the style yet to be trend was created.
Word has it that the other "Supes" frowned upon "the P. Man"
and his new fashion statement saying,
"You need to humble yourself when you're catching bad guys!"
"Picking up chicks, is a distraction in this line of work dude."
However Plastic Man stayed the course and joking replied
"Well BOO HOO, they've mainly upset that I can stretch every part of my body...EVERY part (wink) and the ladies dig me for it," "Knowhatimasyin'?"
Well years later we FINALLY get it, and so does the kids of L.E.S. and Williamsburg. You were the first to stretch the limits of men's fashion and the Minority Report salutes you.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"Def As A Rock"-Mos Def & Pete Rock hit the City

This is definitely one of those times where you wish cloning was legit...and you were the first candidate! Cause tonight two great Hip-Hop icons will be hosting two separate events in NYC tonight. Maybe I'll build a Time Machine tonight in hopes that that will solve my problems...No? Here's the must attend info. Maybe I'll see you at one of them.
Rolling Stone
will be talking with Mos Def at
Kaufmann Concert Hall

presented by the 92nd Street Y and Mos
Discussing his music, films (Be Kind Rewind opening Fri.),
Award nominations, and his activism with social issues.
Tickets are $26; presentation starts at 8:00 PM.
Pete Rock +Wale w/9 piece GoGo Band +Torae
Kid Cudi +Special guest Styles P & Lordz of the Underground
Highland Ballroom
Presented by LiveNDirect &
Tickets are $25; concert starts at 9:00 PM.

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.9)

Try as you may,but I seriously doubt that you will EVER attend a launch party event (Smirnoff Mixer Series) of this caliber!
It was just that hot! "Fire from the stove" is the NEW saying.
Q-tip killed it first with his Tribe classics, followed by Common
doing every hit that he's known for. Then the "Blast Master" destroyed the stage! Melle Mel, Grand Master Flash,
Positive K
and others made history joining him on stage!
I'm still amped as you can tell from all the exclamation points!
Peep the exclusive pics.

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"