Friday, January 29, 2010

"We Gonna Run This Town (For 4 Nights)!" -Jay-Z tour Dates In NYC

Call him "Jigga", "Young Hov", "Iceberg Slim", "J to the A to the motherf@#kin' Y", "S dot Carter" or Mr. Knowles for all I care. One thing is for sure it's undeniable the musical force that Jay-Z has become over the years. And now with his first EVER #1 Billboard hit "Empire State of Mind" and third Blueprint album, he returns to his home state with a vengeance! The tri-state area will get FOUR chances to come out to personally praise "the God MC" when the hits the stage come this March! You have MORE than enough time to run out and get a fresh new Yankees cap, and practice your diamond hand sign in the mirror before then. LOL!

Tue, 03/02/10
08:00 p.m.
Madison Square Garden
New York, NY

Sat, 03/06/10
08:00 p.m.
IZOD Center
East Rutherford, NJ

Fri, 03/12/10
07:30 p.m.
Nassau Coliseum
Uniondale, NY

Sat, 03/13/10
08:00 p.m.
Borgata Event Center
Atlantic City, NJ

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Can't Ignore The (Pink) Elephant In The Room." -New Hosting Duties On Sunday Nights!

Already juggling a lot , I have yet ONE more job listing to add to my ever growing resume'! As of THIS Sunday (Jan.31th) the Minority Report will be hosting bottle service table at the very popular Pink Elephant (now called simply Pink) venue EVERY Sunday night! Why it's good news for you is EVERY holiday (that falls on a Sunday) or ANY occasion that you decide that to wanna celebrate ANYTHING, you can now hit me up to reserve a spot to accompany me at my personal table or book your own table. Period! Block Association members Lyshaan Hall (the Stylistics Agency) & DJ Trauma (Alador & Smith/Soundproof) have given me their blessings on this latest venture and I'm hoping you do as well. Once again THIS Sunday is my starting date and next Sunday (Feb.6th) Pink Elephant will be the official after party for "My Uber Sunday" Super Bowl party in Dumbo (details HERE).

"the Pink Eye"
@ PINK (formerly Pink Elephant) -527 W. 27th St.
(betwn. 9th & 10th Ave.)
FREE admission
Music by DJ Trauma & DJ Suss One
Ladies ONLY RSVP names & guest amount to:
/subject "the PINK eye"

"Gotta Get Over The Hump (Day)!" -Wednesday Night Events & Goings On

Tonight you have TWO excellent choices of events to occupy yourself with case you had the urge to hit the streets in search of a "good time" (no prostitution involved lol). The first is the Dirty Debs current weekly venture

"The Hangover"

@ China 1 -50 Ave. B & 4th St.
FREE admission
Music by DB

Then the other selection tonight would be something the good people of Smirnoff are throwing over at the Museum of Transit in good ol' Brooklyn! "30 yrs of Hip-Hop" with music sets by Hip-Hop's noteworthy DJ's Biz Markie & Jermaine Dupri along w/ Peanut Butter Wolf. This event is also FREE with you and a guest's name to their RSVP address...NOW!
See you on the blog!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"The OTHER Big Apple!" -Steve's Job Is To Make You Broke!

Are you as restless as I'am? By this time tomorrow Steve Jobs will be announcing the device that will all but make a latte for you (I joke but, trust me even THAT may be coming next, f@#k around)! LOL! His next "must have" item (maybe titled the iTablet or iSlate) However this one is a bigger risk only because if you ALREADY own a Mac Airbook or the iPhone/ iTouch then just WHERE does this fit in? Speaking of fit, it's not as "portable" as say the other "iProducts" out may be, so throwing it in your pocket could be out of the question. I thinking it'll be a "super-sized" iTouch like gadget w/ Wifi capability, downloadable apps, itunes, and a couple of other bells and whistles thrown in we couldn't think of. I also thinking either two size versions will come out, one size bigger than the other OR one w/more memory. Watch later down the line (like in say 6 months tops) the 2nd generation "iTablet" (not sure that's the name just yet) will drop with a cheaper price and a camera added so you can Skype on the fly. I think they're going to go head to head with the notebook laptop market and those damn e-book devices that are selling like hot biscuits. Smart move if that's the case.

"Big Sneakers To Fill"-Brooklyn's Flyest Sneaker Gallery

In this day and age if you live in Brooklyn, & you're STILL shopping for your kicks down on Fulton St, then...we GOTTA talk yo! Street fashion as evolved so much within the last three or four some odd years, and there's a couple of shops around town that's starting to pop up hoping you mature you (footwear wise), and here's one of them...PEDIGREE! Located in the cut in the Ft. Greene area of BK, this gem of a store helmed by fellow "Brooklynista" Frei, self confessed sneaker addict turned dealer (of Ahficionado/Guts/the Block Association fame) is looking to upgrade ya. Brands ranging from Y-3 to Puma McQueen and selective stuff in between, make the store stock perfectly catered toward the finicky sneaker wearer that's still looking to make a statement without the neon. Here's a sneak peek at the store decor that's off the beaten foot path.

Pedigree Sneaker Gallery - 45 Willoughby Ave.
(betwn. Adelphi and Clermont)

Monday, January 25, 2010

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.185)

Gotta LOVE a good surprise b'day party right? Either the person it's for is more than happy that it came as a total shock OR they're NOT in the mood for it (depending on exactly WHO the surprise guests are). In this instant it was a win/win situation. Not only was it for a GREAT cause (giving funds for Haitian relief) it almost double as a concert for NEW Game Rebellion material...with an after party w/ the Ahficionados spinning. NICE! I arrived at South Paw just in time to catch Game's set, and show face to the b'day girl's (Ines F.) shindig. Ngozi (of Harriet's Alter Ego/the Block Association fame) was present, starting her own solo mash pit, rocking out for dolo. LOL. The crowd was 95% FEMALE, which meant that other than myself, the band, a few bartenders, and Frei (Ahficionados/the Block Association) were the ONLY guys in the joint! Not complaining, I'm just sayin.' Anyways, last time I was at South Paw I thought the decor was a great back drop for some photo booth style flicks, so once again I took some pics of the the nights attendees.

Friday, January 22, 2010

"It's A Saturday, It's A Sa-tur-day!" -Satuday Happens You Oughta Know

The good people over at Coup D'Etat BK Art collective would like me to inform you artist & art lovers alike that THIS Saturday it's a BIG social gathering happening that you NEED to attend. Here's more info:

"Artist Talk" -"Live To Change Something Through Art"

Saturday, January 23rd,
2pm - 4pm.
@ The Skylight Gallery
Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation
1368 Fulton St, 3rd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11216

Moderator: Malik Yoba

Potential Panelist:
Alice Mizrachi
Alzo Slade
Stephanie Land
Suncadm Bey
Bilal Oliver (Music Artist)
Dahkil Hausif (sunshowah films)
Suzanna Ali-Oliver(Vony)
Rueben King

Overview of the Discussion:
This discussion panel will focus on the artists featured in the exhibition, who are all Brooklyn based, and art organizations that promote artistic development of the community, as we will attempt to go deeper into the theme of the exhibition and explore the artists' creative process. The purpose of the panel is to discuss how artists can use their creative talents to inspire change: socially, politically, community, and personally. What effect does art have on the community? Why should we encourage art in the public school systems and in the inner-city?

About the “Live to Change Something Through Art” Exhibit: features work that is reflective of the current Brooklyn arts movement and underscores Coup d’etat’s thought-provoking brand principle, “Live to Change Something.” Highlighting a multicultural collective of artists across several disciplines, the exhibition encompasses painting, photography, and sculpture.

Then later on that night get your party on with the "GODS of WAX" @ this monthly all vinyl spun thrown down!

"I Love Vinyl" -A monthly all-vinyl oasis
presented Wax Poetics, Halcyon, and Fusicology

@Le Poisson Rogue - 158 Bleeker St
$5 admission
$5 well drinks b4 11pm

the Dream team:
-scribe (raw fusion)
-anthony khan the twilite tone (the tallest building)
-jon oliver (the main ingredient, evr)
-op! (suite 903/raw fusion)
-amir abdullah (kon&amir/wax poetics/bbe)
-ge-ology (female fun)

"Pop That Thang!"- Booty Pop? Really?

Okay I'VE HAD IT! Enough with the fake hair, the fake press-on nails, colored contacts, boob jobs, lip injections...I'm DONE! They've cross the line with this one! I like a woman's gluteus to be maximus like the next man (I lose my breath when I see a NICE one! Doctor's said I have "ass"-matic bronchitis) but this here...this here is just not right by any means! Fellas just watch you'll be just as OUTRAGED as I was! I'm starting an on-line petition NOW! Take action, don't sit on your REAL ass and do nothing!

"Jet Green" -Jets Looking To Ride The Colts To Super Bowl!

30 yrs? Really? 30? That's how long it's been since the Jets have come even THIS close to seeing some kinda chance at even being mentioned in the same sentence as the words "Super Bowl" LOL. One last game to go against the bucking Indy Colts and we'll be Jet Blue'n to Miami to catch Jet green try to bring home a championship ring home for NYC. Just imagine, first the Yankees last year winning the World Series, then the freakin' Jets pulling this OFF? Wowzers! One thing's for sure, we'll be hearing Jay-z's "Empire State of Mind" ALOT more when that goes down! Either way NO matter WHO's going to the big Bowl, we'll be hosting a HUGE Super Bowl shindig @ "the Sky box" (2 flr. of No.1 Front St. lounge) that's FREE and always brings out the best fans & non-fans to watch the game in unity & fun. More Details below:

"My Uber Super Bowl Party"

the SKYBOX -No. #1 Front St. (near Old Fulton St)
6pm KICK-OFF time
2nd flr. & 3rd Flr.
FREE Admission
Music by the Ahficionados, & DJ Trauma /Soundproof
Pre-game special / Half price beers (4pm-6pm)

"the Huddle" pacakage:
$100 For a "team" of 4 comes w/ table seating, 4 comp kick-off shots, 8 beers & an appetizer platter mix (chicken fingers, calamari, & wings)

"the Coach & QB" package:
$50 for a "team" of two w/seating, 2 comp shots, 4 beers, and an appetizer platter mix (chicken fingers, calamari, & wings)

Fav team colored shots

BTW fellas, NO jerseys unless you're PLAYING for that team...LOL!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Lost & Found" -NOT Over The Hill Just Yet!

Ms. Hill may have flew over that "coo coo's nest", but looking at this flick, it's not hard to reminisce about better (mental) times. I'm dedicating a wall in my abode to all of my musically heroes/ inspirations so if you have ANY leads as to where I can get a hold of a poster size version of this infamous Rolling Stone cover featuring her, make sure you give me a heads up about it. She's GOTTA go on that wall, and this is one of my favorite pictures of her.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.184)

Now let me state straight off the back that I DON'T go out HALF as much as I used to. Not that the "thrill" is gone it's just that I'm on some "What is it to be thrill about?" mood right now. But Sunday night curiosity got the better of me. After hearing SO much about Pink Elephant on Sunday nights, I thought it was about time to pay that spot a visit. Especially being that one, I was walking in with fellow Block Association member DJ Trauma (Alador & Smith/Soundproof), and two there was NO work on Monday. What better reasons right? After Traum' played his opening set, we took an "observation booth" seat and watched how fast the room filled up. about 85 percent of the room were women, and rest were cats I wouldn't leave an open wallet around. LOL. By (I wanna say) 11:30ish, It was almost filled to capacity! Team players Silky, and L.A. (Lyshaan Hall) came out to join in on the tomfoolery going on that night, and the rest I really can't recall to save my life. But here's what my camera managed to capture. FYI didn't realize Rick Ross & Diddy were there till I checked my camera...WASTED!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Please Be Seated!"-Chairs To You!

Ever since I've been bent of renovating my pad over, I've been obsessed by these Chesterfield style chairs and sofas I've been seeing! Here are a few examples I've come across on the 'net that are a good look! They don't come cheap if you even find one, but if you do, cop it ASAP! They're timeless and classic pieces to have, especially if you get one for an unbelievable price!

"Guess Who's Back!"- Sade Returns! Music's Sexiest Forehead

Okay, hopefully this the start of a movement back to "REAL" music! If you've been a long time patience fan of Sade, you'll be rewarded handsomely Tues. Feb 9th when she releases her latest creative endeavour Soldier of Love CD. First Maxwell then Sade, now I'm preying D'angelo & Lauryn Hill get the hint and put out their much waited contributions to music too. Here's the first single video to the album, check it out.

Friday, January 15, 2010

"No Dream Is Too Impossible" -Is There A Dr. (King) In The House?

Life is SO ironic huh? Last year around this time the world was united in celebration over the President elect Obama's upcoming swearing in ceremony. One year later, the black community (& the world in total) is uniting in support of our Haitian brothers & sisters suffering in these tragic times. This weekend will mark the 81st would be B'day of the great Dr. Martin Luther King, yet we're receiving a gift from him...wisdom & insight. Here's some encouraging words that are so timely for Haiti's current situation.

"We must build dikes of courage to hold back the flood of fear... That old law about "an eye for an eye" leaves everybody blind... The time is always right to do the right thing..." -Dr. ML King

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"