Friday, February 27, 2009

"Placing The Blame (On The Alcohol)" - Attending "Class" Tonight?

In not no way shape or form do I listen to the radio these days... Period! However, being that I'm in the service of planning events, I'm kinda on a "need to know" basis with what's hot out in the streets. So without drawing this out any longer, I gotta admit I'm FEELING this song right now! This is my joint! So tonight, if you're planning to attend "Class Reunion" and this particular song comes on, and folks start wildly out, I'll be right along wit'em! Drunk or sober! Sip sip sip sip gulp!

the NEW & IMPROVED "Class Reunion"
Fri. Feb. 27th
Hosted by the Minority Report, GUTs,
& Daoud (of Coup D'etat BK)
Tamboril -527 Myrtle Ave. near Grand St.
Music by the Ahficionados, w/ guest DJ Melo-X
10pm Dinner/Reception artist for Ryan "OINK" Dennie
$21 (w/tax included) pre-fix menu (ordering food not mandatory)
FREE! No Cover!
RSVP to reserve table
Thank You & G'Night!

"Bucket List? Nah I Ain't Dead Yet!" -25 Random Things About Me... You'd Never Guess!

I know you've been noticing the latest trend of folks posting on Facebook reveling things about themselves on the net, in a note titled "25 Random Things About Me" right? Well I've even given doing it great thought, and pondered long and hard about jumping on the band wagon, and finally decided...the public MUST know these things. So without further ado my friends, here's MY list!

Well for starters, I recently bought 2Pac's couch he rapped about, that Biggie supposedly to had slept on, off of Ebay.

My Mom used to get CUSTOM MADE leather belts JUST to beat me with.

I once braided my pubic hair and adored them w/ beads, just to pick up girls at a Stevie Wonder tribute party and bring home (FYI I wear purple condoms for the Prince fans).

As a child I couldn't look at Ms.Piggy the same way once I found out that's where pork comes from.

Thought it was the Yankees & the METS that fought in the Civil War. Duh!

In my early teens I caught "Jungle Fever" from some white girl at school, and had to miss classes for two weeks straight! And STILL need this expensive ointment, to keep it from flaring up.

I swore I had a huge family, till as an adult I realized "Auntie" was a code word for "Daddy's chick on the side."

I like to walk around the house naked...with tap dance shoes on...and a top hat. Which reminds me, I gotta get new taps!

I love to mess with waiters and ask for a "diet water." Or order dessert first, then see the menu.

I often daydream about jumping in front of an on-coming train, right in the middle of some one's conversation I'm standing with. Like "Excuse me, I think this is my train...Ahhh!" Just for shock value purposes alone.

One day I rode all the way out to Philly JUST to get a cheese steak! And rode all the way back to NY w/gas.

My name "ALANZO" means "Second son of Carolyn" & "DALE" means "Last name of first name."

I was once cast for a cereal commercial, but got fired because I'm lactose intolerant (got bad case of gas on set)!

I the smell of weave, that's been splashed with vintage champagne!

I get annoyed when I hear people talking to me. But it only happens at work.

I REALLY connected with the film "WALL*E" , because I too had a pet roach growing up.

Sometimes I swallow gum, just so I can pop $#it!

A turn on of mine is, a woman with can hold a GREAT conversation (oh...and she has to have an equally great looking face and body as well).

I watch Porn movies, and think the book version was better.

I'm VERY affectionate, yet I use to hate people touching me.

I used to dream about doing voice over for cartoons.

I have a bad habit of telling sanitation workers "Smell ya later!" when I say bye.

My older brother used to tell me eating "Froot Loops" & "Fruity Pebbles" turned you gay, and to this day I won't go near the stuff. He said "Honeycombs" was safe.

I throw shoes at the T.V. when I watch Tyra Banks or Paula Abdul speak.

I hump dogs legs, so they realize that shit ain't cool! In public.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.132)

Do yourself a favor, next time you hear something about King magazine having an event anytime soon, GO! What started to look like a slow night, quickly turned into a packed to the walls house full of industry folk, and well wishers for King's 50th(!) issue. I swore it's been more than that, but hey if they say so then who am I to argue. Cats came with their tongues hanging out, hoping to catch a glimpse of some of their lusted & loved featured models of past and present. There was NO "popping champagne" as Ron Browz sung, but Nuvo was definitely flowing heavy! Dawn from that Danity Kane group made an appearance to sing "Happy 50th" in a "Happy B'day" style, and Bussa Bus was the "surprise guest" that people where trying to guess all night. I thought AT LEAST the cover girl shoulda been there...come on! But it's a recession, that may not have been in the budget. Lol

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"It's A Thang Of Beauty" -Jeese & Melo-X Go Into Rehab

Yeah I know I'm late on posting this one, but that doesn't mean YOU should be late too. Especially when you see the two major forces involved. AND the $#it is FREE too?! Are you kidding me? I'm just now peeping that out myself. Oh that changes the whole game entirely! To make thing's even sweeter Jeese will be celebrating his B'day extravaganza tonight there as well. The only catch is that you GOTTA be 21 & over (w/I.D.) for entree. Which some of you look twice that, so no worries. Lol!

"the Beautiful Renaissance" -w/Jesse Boykins III
& Melo-X

Rehab -25 Ave. B
Doors open 8pm
Show 9pm

"Drugs & Violets" - Peep the (African-) American Violet Trailer

Now I'm not saying that this will be the "Slumdog Millionaire" type feel good film of '09, however it's far to say that this is more around the realm of "Hustle & Flow" more than likely. All I'm saying is keep your eye in this one. It maybe the "dark horse" film of next year's Oscars. Take a look for yourself.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.131)

Now I've been on hundreds of video sets in my time, so excuse me if I had a bit of reluctance when asked to attend this one. Folks that's been on the scene KNOW the routine right! You have your frantic PA guys, your "I don't even know who's the artist is" posers, a few "I'm an artist, about to come up" folks, the "I'm just trying to slide off with someone" artist/management types, then the "I'm just trying to get seen by any video necessary" chicks. Not too forget, a couple of label heads making sure the money is well spent...and get a few numbers too. I GET IT! Done, I'm over it. However, even though this set did have some of those elements, this shoot was slightly different...slightly. First off security on the set wasn't tight and stuffy like some can be, so I was easier for people to just come through for a cameo say "what up?" give a pound and bounce. Catering consisted a menu of ol' reliable pizza, soda, water, a nice variety of snacks and what not (yum). Fresh Daily, Amanda Diva, Brian Wood, the Retrokidz, Buck Shot, and a few other mentionable, were sprinkled among the crowd mingling w/the extras. It's funny to me how depending on the artist featured (which was Kidz In The Hall btw), the extras that come out look. It was some VERY attractive girls there w/out question, but only one (maybe two) "freakum dress" girl(s) among the crowd. As on other sets you'd be HARD pressed (pun intended) to find one dressed in jeans even. Oh well, maybe I just came late (no pun intended). The track which was an updated "I Got It Made" by Special Ed eventually grew on me by the end of the night, but so does fat chicks (just jokes folks). It was "Eh" maybe I just have to hear it again. I was too focused on what the "freakum dress" girl had to say. Lol. As you can see from the last few photos, Reebok ruled the day.

"You Dropped A Bomb On Me!" Ernie Gaines NEW Tune Blows Up!

Hey, do ya'll remember this guy named Ernie Gaines that I had mentioned awhile back in one of my "On Another Note" postings right? Well even if you don't, you WILL start to in a few months time guarantee. To bring you up to speed, not only did he have a leaked song floating 'round on the net titled "Sip It" featuring an intro verse from rap royalty's T.I. killing'em out there, NOW a song he's just recorded like...ummm 2 weeks ago (!) "So Sorry" has made it's way on none other than NYC radio king Funk Master Flex's show! Accompanied by SIX count'em 6 bomb drops! Now wait, before you click off to go looking for some site to download it, peep the "we just messin' around" rough draft video on Youtube. Disclaimer: "This is NOT the actual video!" But yes this IS the actual song. Lol. Give me feedback on the tune.

Monday, February 23, 2009

"And The Award Goes To..." -Oscar Awards '09 Wrap-Up

I'll admit that I didn't watch the whole show (I'll explain later why) but what I did get to see I was pleasantly surprised by. "Wolverine" was a great choice for a host, and I think was a great change from the usual comedic hosts of past shows. Going in KNOWING "Slumdog Millionaire" was going to be the clear cut Best Picture winner, kinda killed the "edge of your seat" climatic reading of the envelope for me. But I was glad to hear that they won none the less. And the other "dark horse" winner was the "Dark Knight's" Ledger performance...YES! It was well deserved. Here's who else made the cut:

Best Picture, Director, Adapted Screenplay, Original Score, Original Song, Film Editing, Cinema-tography, Sound Mixing: "Slumdog"

Best Actor: Sean Penn
Best Supporting Actor
: Heath Ledger

Best Actress: Kate Winslet
Best Supporting Actress: Penelope Cruz'

Best Animated: "Wall-E"

Some other site gave me a shout out for the Oscar party I hosted this year. Read what they said here

"The Greatest Party EVER (So Far This Year)!" -Partying Will NEVER Be The Same!

Please believe the hype! Come this Friday (Feb.27th) Not only will Coup D'etat BK be re-launching their website (which is so dope btw), local celeb internationally known DJ, Melo-x will be guest spinning! And oh get this, there will be an early dinner art viewing reception (10-11:30pm) to view the quickly rising star of an artist named Ryan "Oink" Dennie on display as well! Whew...sounds like a lot right? Well it is! There's even more but that's enough for you to hold on to for now. There will be ALOT of special people coming out, please be one of them. Here the juicy info/details:

the NEW & IMPROVED "Class Reunion"
Fri. Feb. 27th
Hosted by the Minority Report, GUTs,
& Daoud (of Coup D'etat BK)
Tamboril -527 Myrtle Ave. near Grand St.
Music by the Ahficionados, w/ guest DJ Melo-X
10pm Dinner/Reception artist for Ryan "OINK" Dennie
$21 (w/tax included) pre-fix menu (ordering food not mandatory)
FREE! No Cover!
RSVP to reserve table
Thank You & G'Night!

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