Friday, April 29, 2011

"Roll Over And Roll Out! Transformers 3 Trailer

Just hopefully (fingers crossed) this will wipe the slate clean of the buffoonery slash coonery that the last one had with those twin Autobots that RUINED the movie experience for me. Now THIS one here looks promising! No Megan Fox in this one, but that's what we have Maxim Magazine for anyways. Right? I can just smell the popcorn and the geek sweat in the theaters ALREADY! Enjoy...

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.249)

Okay it's pretty safe to say that the Block Association's 2nd Annual "Fashion 500" event was a SMASH HIT! Used as a platform to bring out the wonderful collective of fashionable folks of color working in the fashion industry to be honored, it worked on SO many levels! This year we strive to raise the bar up a bit higher with the inclusion of a model host (Camille McDonald), an accompanying PSA clip to raise awareness about our mission (which is to get April recognized as Black Fashion Month). As well as heavier media coverage from the likes of Xl magazine (read here), Essence, Ebony, and Uptown too! I'm so proud of my team (the Block) and the tons of fashionable folks that came out to support our cause for higher elevation through recognition for our people. It's a thang of beauty I tell ya. Don't wanna be long winded so here a couple of pictures that I somehow manged to take during the event as well as a video clip from Sugar Water Radio & my crew. Plus info for the "April is...Black Fashion Month" finale dine & dance tonight! BTW here's the "Fashion Fly Hundred" download mixtape if you missed that too. Trust me, this time NEXT year twice as BIG! Plan accordingly.

Friday April 29th
(and EVERY Friday after)
"the Class Reunion" -Dine & Dance party
Black Fashion Month finale
Luke's Place -277 Cumberland St. (corner of Lafayette St.)
Music by the M Report, the Ahficionados,
& special guest DJ's
Hosted by Nakia Renee, Lyshaan Hall
& the Block Association
and a collective of fashionable folks
Admission "FREE like Frei" all night
Food & drinks served till late.

Wanna celebrate a b'day w/ a dinner party?
contact us at w/amount of guest it's FREE of charge

Thursday, April 28, 2011

"C.U. At The (Insta) Grammys!" -Columbia U + Instagram + IPhone = Job Photo Shoot

Now I'm not one to be on Twitter very much. Other than posting links to bring unknowingly folks back to this very blog, I'm not inspired by what I generally read being tossed back and forth and recycled/re-tweeted on there. However, I did read a time lined tweet I saw that @djdnice had posted some pics of B.O.B., Wale, Snoop, & 50 using Instagram and giving it HIGH praise on there. For those not in the loop, Instagram is a GREAT app tool on the iPhone/iPad for photographers both novice & skilled alike. Which brings me to this point. Just yesterday, based on how sunny it was, I decided to REALLY explore the app and the camera (which I NEVER hardly all!) on my iPhone and do a "photo shoot" of some cool stuff that caught my eye around my gig at Columbia U. didn't think I worked huh? Sh****t, I gots bills to pay too man. LOL! Anyways, I cut down the amount and posted my favs below to show you (and myself) that with a good eye/app ANYTHING is possible! And speaking of cutting, who's cutting me the check for this heavy endorsement? Send your best Instagram pics (to and if
(big on the IF) I like 'em I'll post them here on the blog. Now go get 'Gram crackers kids! Enjoy...




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wow! Your instagram pics are hot!!!

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