Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"When In Robe"-Obama 's Muslim Wear Smear

Can you believe the audacity of the people actual behind the "re"-lease of this pic! Can't a brother get out the shower without paparazzi snapping at you? Or maybe he was cold and the other gentleman in the picture offered some extra layers for Barack to bundle up in.
Whatever the reason, I see no cause for alarm because of this photo.
If some voters are foolish enough to be swayed by an apparent attempt
to assassinate Obama's character, then they were worth losing. Because those were (in my opinion) uneducated ones to begin with. Besides, how can or do we claim to be a nation full of diversity, but fear a Black Planet (Public Enemy, not the web site). If it surfaces that Hill was in coohoots with this latest "Dele-Gate" scandal then I say,
"Shame on you Hilary Clinton, shame on you!"

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