Friday, February 29, 2008

"Heroes Aren't Just Sandwiches" - The Dark Knight & Iron Man Previews

Every once in a while I like to "Get my Geek on" and read info about upcoming comic based movies that I have some childhood connection to. At one time I was an avid comic book collector, and to this day I still have'em stacked away neatly in some plastic. But no 40 year old virgin am I. I am legend (just ask somebody). Here's some tidbits I got wind off about Marvel and D.C.'s dueling Superhero flicks hitting the theaters (and yo pockets) soon. The first image is a scene from a straight to Blu-Ray DVD (July 8th) Japanimation / Anime film (Batman:Gotham Knight) bridging the gap between the 1st Bale Batman (Batman Begins) and the newest one (Dark Knight) coming out. The second is the latest trailer promoting the highly buzzed Iron Man movie. Cue the lights, popcorn and action!

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