Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"Flashing Lights"- Paparazzi Pics (Pt.31)

"the Beatles have landed!" That's the type of energy I felt surrounding the Blk Jks performance last Sunday. But they're not from London, and they're definitely NOT the Beatles, but you could sense a new movement in music was what you were about to witness much like the Fab Four. Harriet's was packed out early, front to back(yard) with vibrant folks looking to be the first to taste the groups eclectic South African sound...and the rum punch open bar. The anticipation and long wait was made bearable thanks to the talented Free, DJaying the just right tunes, while sound check was happening. Kudos Ngozi, event well planned! Next time you get 500+ RSVPs, rent the block out! Lol. Here's the pics from my point of veiw.

"And Now A Word From Our Sponsor..."-Coup d'Etat BK

Rasu of Coup d'Etat BK, "the Pied Piper of fashion", for years have been tellin' you lame brands to "Teach the Babies!" What!? Oh, you MF'ers thought that was just some catchy phase printed on a fine hand-picked cotton t-shirt, to match with your "Barney Rubble" dunks, to wear out to some hipster party down in L.E.S. attended by a bunch of past curfew kids, that was born in the mid-'90's claiming they're '80's babies, that WALK around with their skateboards under their arms...huh? NO you ignorant bastards...He lives this SHIT for real. It ain't no Mike Jackson stuff over here. That ain't no "Jesus Juice" those kids are sipping on! And did you notice the Vogue bag in "lil' mama's" hand? Education courtesy of Coup d'Etat folks. Come get "schooled" at "the Class Reunion" on Thursday May 1st @ Frank White. Also put yo "game face" on , Game Rebellion will be present for attendance too!

"the Class Reunion"
Thursday May 1st
the Great Frank White
(936 Atlantic Ave. btwn St. James & Washington)
Music by FREE
hosted by
the Minority Report, Yume, Kiser, Nicole James,
Coup d'Etat BK, Game Rebellion


"No Junk In My Trunk (Show)"- Brooklyn Keeps On Trunkin'

Fate is a funny thing. Peep it I walk into Not Just Vintage boutique (a vintage spot in BK you MUST check out) to chat it up & check on my friend/ the owner Maya. While in there we start conversing with a gentleman casually shopping. He explains how he does trunk shows for indy designers and wants me to past the info on to you (you lucky bastards, you). If you do decide to attend notify him that, you heard the good word from "the M Report", and that I wants my money sucker! Lol! Info time;
Independent Designer Trunk Show
Saturday, May 3rd
388 Atlantic from 8pm-11:30pm.
There will be a drinks, food, and a DJ.

Designers include...
Carina Cid /Black Rabbit NYC

Micheal Bemmel
/Close Up Clothing

Jacob Gushue /
Project TransAction

Megan Nugent/

Gina Mauro / Think

Lisa Galinske
/ Born in Eighty one

Jennifer Yi /
Jennifer Yi

The first twenty-five people who attend will recieve a wonderful gift bag.
Do ya research:,,

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Flashing Lights"- Paparazzi Pics (Pt.30)

Man...Hanging w/ "Pan" (Trace mag), I seem to luck up on the hottest spots around town! This time it was the release/launch event for a brand called Subscript, being held at the Gallery Bar. It was packed EARLY! Could've been the open bar that was advertised, but it was a good look either way. Met some cool ass folks while I was there too, I just wish the tunes was on point, that wouldv'e made up for going home alone....ummm but not really.

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.29)

DAMN! When you live your life in black & white, after a few drinks, EVERYTHING comes in full color! Well needless to say, you fell "asleep" and missed another incredible birthday event @ the Star Lounge Sunday night. It's kinda dope when you don't even need candles to blow out to make a wish, cause you've LIVIN' it. "I'm the biggest boss that you've seen thus far..." was the anthem Sunday night. And everybody on "staff" came out to celebrate to "Wake up, Mr. Hall" , which ironically was the case, as you can plainly tell from the very last picture. Trust me, he'll eventually wake up to fetch that "morning paper". Good morning!
(*Wish I had a 3-D Camera to capture the true mayhem!)

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"