Friday, January 30, 2009

"Get Into The Party Life" -Do you Know What To Day Is? It's Our Anniversary!

Alright, you know EXACTLY what this is right? And if you DON'T know then you have no friends that love you enough to tell you. Anyways tonight is a night that's been a year in the making. And even if you're just NOW finding your way to this blog, I still wanna celebrate like you been in the know. I've lined up EVERY taste maker I love and respect to play host, so that you can meet the inspiration that drives me to keep this "Minority" thang moving. 'Nuff said, now let's PARTY!

Fri. Jan 30th '09
-the Minority Report's One Year Anniversary & Tiffany Rhode's B'day Celebration Dinner.
@ Tamboril - 527 Myrtle Ave near Grand St.
Dinner starts 9pm-10:30 Dance from 10:30-4am
Music by Brooklyn's musical ambassadors the Ahficionados
Hosted by the Stylistic Agency, Guts, Cocolah, Keith MSJG Enterprises, Harriet's Alter Ego, Lichiban, Silky (Sound Proof International), Loft Boys Media, 718 Bodega, Swagger 360, Not Just Vintage, Tamara Delbridge, Coup D'etat BK, Kristen Fraser, Heavy, Children of Da Curb, Isis (Small Wonder / C.I.A.), Kiser, Born As A Raggamuffin, and the Brooklyn Circus.

Dress code Semi formal Semi funky
Heineken Lite
promo $3 beers All night
Two happy hours 10pm-11pm, 2am-3am
$30 bottle special
Pre-fix menu
John Legend ticket give-away
And possibly an Ipod (?)

Also you HAVE to make it your business to come through and pay your respect to one of the torch bearers of keepin' good music alive...DJ Spinna is having a B'day too, that I'm sure will be talked about for months long after. This is a MUST ATTEND event!

Jan. 31st
"Sol Ascension" -DJ Spinna's B'day bash
-204 Varick St.
Doors 11PM
$10 tix-
$15 At The Door / 21 +

"No Pork On My Plate...Or T.V." -Superbowl? Super Lame!

Wait...who's playing this year? I honestly haven't been following this season for real. But you know who I'm hoping will win this year...the Economy! Hopefully cause folks still wanna gather somewhere to enjoy the atmosphere the game creates, big screen T.V.'s are purchased, pizza will be ordered, folks will travel, bets made, food bought & cooked, basically people spending again. It's like an unofficial holiday in Feb. mainly for the guys, being that women get Valentine's Day (right?). Anyway if you'll look to chow down and chat it up on Game Day, just give me a holla I'll tell you where you should be.

"Gone Daddy Gone" -The Lost Art Of Fatherhood

I seriously spotted this in posted up in Harlem (yes, the Brooklyn kid was in Harlem for once) the other day. I wasn't sure weather to feel sad or grin wondering if it was a joke or not. If it's so true to it then this should be posted NATIONALLY! Even on a major billboard, not just in random spots Uptown. To whom ever came up with this ingenuous idea, kudos to ya. However keep in mind alot of Dads "lose" themselves, especially when they are missing out on the love and joy a kid can bring them. Plus there's alot of Dads folks wish that they had got"lost" too. Lol! If my dad was ever "lost" the REAL reward for me would be for him to sober up, get a real job and payback all of the missing child support money he owes me...Right? This is the Minority Report, and at was one to grow on.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Going Def From Listening Parties!" -Jada & the-Dream Listening Events

It's ONLY January and Def Jam is making sure that they get off to a STRONG start! Now I'm no fan of the-Dream (as an artist) but I'm disappointed that I missed the listening party held for his forthcoming album yesterday (only cause I had a MAJOR meeting to get the ball rolling on "Rock the Block BK" for this year). Oh well, tonight hopefully (fingers crossed) I'll make it in time to get into the one they're having for Jadakiss's own that's been long awaited. If you haven't yet RSVP for this then (Jada laugh "Ah ha") you missed out homie.

"My Girl Left Me For Benjamin, Grant, & Jackson" -New Jay-Z BluePrint III Track

In these hard economic times even a multi- millionaire like the "Jigga Man" has to wonder "Will my honey go, when my cash flow get low?" Now I don't have no where near a third of the cash he even walks around in his wallet with, and I still ask that question myself at times. I'm guessing the goal this year is to find a hot R&B chick, that's claim to fame is being one third of a platinum selling girl group, who's side gigs are being a spokesperson for major brands, AND acts in films from time to time. Maybe then I'll be able to sleep easier at night... Ya think? Well till then, I'll let Hov speak on it from his perspective through music: Hit the triangle and listen up!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.125)

We're ALL adults here right?!? Cool, cause I'm comfortable sharing this with you guys. Okay, (deep sigh) this past Saturday, a group of friends and myself got together and planned this really cozy and intimate "pajama/sleepover" party to break away from the expected routine of club hopping on the weekend (too cold and too tired of that). What we THOUGHT was going to be a 10-12 person deal wound up being more like a 15-25 person scenario...but it was all good. The price of admission was $5 pesos and a bottle of the good stuff, in exchange of a well prepared meal cooked by Steph(anie) (O') Con(nor) 4 & Isis ("Isis Isis Baby too cold too cold"). Who made at least 4(!) types of chicken (What! No watermelon? lol), mac & cheese, cake, biscuits, and bunch of other stuff to numerous to name. The location was L.A.'s pad, and the night's entertainment was a Neo-Soul ipod playlist (that's my contribution), the Shane Mosley fight, massages by Allerga, and make-up application advise from (Melyssa Ford's personal make-up artist) Tamara Delbridge. Who I was hoping BRING Melyssa, but wound up being a no show (shaking my fist). Anyways moving on, once the apt. got nice and crunk (do folks still use that word?) the REAL action got started. "Pillow Talk!" A great exchange of questions between the sexes to better understand why we do the $#!+ that we do...basically. All the ladies and gents in attendance put questions in a box that they would want the oppose sex to answer, to their best ability, then pass it to one other person to answer (cool right?). Mind you drinks are "open bar" and folks are dressed in their comfortable sleep wear, talking LOUD! Hill, Larry and Us! Funny stuff folks. You can just image the questions and then the zany answers to 'em...Wild! After the "Sandman" came to the party and dusted off everybody who stayed, we awoke to a chef cooked breakfast (thanks Beckenburg) and a private (bootleg) screening of that "Notorious" movie. FUN times. BTW Sprite hooked us up was their latest product "Sprite Green" which mixes great with any lemony flavored vodka and VIOLA'! You have yourself a "Lemon-Head" my friend. I'd tell you who secretly attended, but it's too close to Valentine's day to break couples up. LMAO! So now if you happen to see a private "Pillow Talk" invite in your Facebook inbox open it VERY carefully.
P.S. Where's my check Sprite huh? It's a recession going on.

Monday, January 26, 2009

"And the Wiener Is..."-Oscar Party At My Crib!

This year at my house, I've decided to throw together a small Oscar viewing party for the Feb. 22nd night award show. However as an added twist, I'll be the one handing out the "Oscars" (Mayer franks) to all my invited guests. The other catch is that, I only "Evited" ladies I've been intimate with at one time or another. On the invite it reads: "I supply the hot dogs, you just bring your buns." Cool right? Anyways, I had it all planned out, I even made up categories for them to win in, check it:

Best Actress in a Bedroom Scene:
(For someone who I thought faked it)

Best Set Design:

(roses pedals on the bed, bubble baths, candles, etc.)

Best Supporting Actress:

(in a Ménage à trois)

Best Actress in
A (Ongoing) Drama:

Best Actress in a Comedic Role
(for leaving obsessive/stalker-ish messages)

And so on and so forth, everything for Sunday is set. Only problem...
I haven't got one YES attending reply back yet. Maybe Evite's server is down..You think? Oh well, my cable is out anyways.

Friday, January 23, 2009

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.124) Obamanation!

Now due to the nature of this historic event, I know I should've taken WAY more pictures that I'm posting. However if you could understand exactly how freakin' COLD it was that day then you would also understand that I value the use of my fingers, protecting them from frost bite, so much more! Lol. The following pictures you're about to view are from that long awaited Obama Nation bus trip we've been planning and promoting for the longest. The first flicks are of Stephanie O'Conner & some friends of mine from D.C. (up in NY at the time), helping out with the giveaway bags filling 'em with love and good snacks. Based on all the drama it took to pull this thang off the trip should've been titled "We Shall Overcome" or "the Audacity of Getting Your Hopes Up" cause man, EVERYTHING you can think and the kitchen sink was thrown in our path as an obstacle, blocking us from trying to attend the Inauguration. Slowed up ticket sells, last minute bus AND ticket cancellations, 11th hour ticket request, rumors of this being a scam, you name it, it happened! But you know what? WE did it! And it was worth all the effort and misery we had to endure to get there and take our place in history. Plus we meet some REALLY great new friends along the way. I was Lead Capt. of Bus #2 and I couldn't have asked form a better group of folks (peep the videos attached). Classics black cinema, Jazz renditions of Hip Hop songs, Bus aisle fashion cat walking ("Barack the Runway"), & Disney tunes all became sources of entertainment on the way back home. Hopefully we won't have to wait another four year for another Inauguration to have this much FUN! Amanda (Diva) you's a fool for this one! Thanks for winning Obama! Thanks to all the help put this together, And thanks to ALL that rode into history with us.

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"