Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"My Man..." -American Gangster on DVD

No this is not a late posting, I'm announcing the release of the movie studio's version, not the bootleg you already own (lol). I'm referring to the one that the Oscar Academy has overlooked to nominate Denzel (and Russell) this year to be Best Actor, or even Best Film (props to Ruby Dee though, for oldest nominated Best Supporting Actress, 'bout time). Some folks I spoke to about the film were a bit disappointed by the over all story and portrayal of Frank Lucas' character. I feel that they went into the theater expecting to see "African-American" Gangster, an anti-hero to replace years of idolizing Cuban immigrant turn drug-lord Tony Montana (Scarface). But instead got "the business thug" perspective on the silver screen. Well I say to them "Boo F'ing Hoo!" Me, personally I dug the refreshing change from the expected scenes of violence usually associated with this genre. It was one of Denzel's better acted roles in a minute. I'm pretty sure the DVD will be released with a two-disc collectors version with all the bells and whistles that fans like in their special features.

"Don't rub, blot it! You blot that shit!" -Frank Lucas

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