Monday, November 29, 2010

"Class(y) Picture Day!" - Flashing Lights/ Anniversary Flicks

Now HOW could you miss both Pt.1 AND Pt. 2 of our private penthouse photo shoot "Flashing Lights" parties huh?!? This time around the Block Assoication collabo'ed with the always fashionable Elle Mortlock of to host her blogs 2nd year Anniversary! And let me tel you folks it was a GOOD look up in that piece EARLY! The event was only from 8-1am anyways but you'd sware it was a late night affair the way folks came through looking laser sharp. Anyways here's some of my selceted flicks that fashion photog Kwesi Abbensettes took of some of our well dressed attendees. You can spot some Block members and myself in a few too. Here the link to view even more "FLASHING LIGHTS" (pt.2)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Thanksgiving Happy Meal" -Camille McDonald Joins The Party!

You guys DO remember this pleasantly looking young lady right? NO? Well to refresh your short term memory, pictured to your left is none other than the inspiring (and aspiring) model Camille McDonald who was made publicly famous on that iconic Tyra Banks show America's Next Top Model. Well long story short, THIS FRIDAY (Nov.26th) at Room Service she's decided to host her actual b'day there along with Deon Grant & friends (of the NY Giants) that night too! BLACK FRIDAY the Block Association will join the team of Patty Laurent, Dan Smalls, the Persaud Bros & Alanzo Dale. to finish off the week strong! Last time the Block invaded Room Service for their huge Virgo B'day bash folks were talking about it for WEEKS on end! So you can only imagine what will go down on a HOLIDAY WEEKEND...LORD! Here's the deets folks:

Friday Nov.26th (BLACK FRIDAY)
the Block Association invades
Room Service Fridays
Room Service -35 E.21st St. bewtn Park & B'way
Hosted by NY GIANTS Deon Grant & Friends
Music by DJ Trauma & DJ Goldfinger
FREE for ladies on RSVP list ONLY till 12am $10 till 12:30
Guys $10 before 12am
***UPDATE JUST ANNOUNCED*** Open Belvedere Bar 10-11pm
RSVP names to
subject: I NEED ROOM!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

"Welcome To (My Beautiful Dark Twisted) Fantasy Island!" -Kanye "Beautiful" Review

Yeah even though it was floating around on the internet for some weeks now. I thought I would at least play fair to others by waiting till it was being "officially" released (Tues. Nov. 22nd to be exact). "It" being Kanye's fifth studio album aptly titled "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" Which all of those things at once. Dark, twisted, but all and all beautiful! Why? Well for one lyrically 'YE stepped his rap game up to the tenth "POWER" (yes, pun intended) which finally matches his production quality. Thumbs up & funny face Kanye style. However you'll still hear some of the bitterness towards women left over from the "808 & Heartbreak" album, but at least here he's being a bit more artistic about it. and rapping again, abandoning the short lived auto-tune fad (Thank you Jay-Z). Ok we all know that he DOES have help in the writing dept. (sans Pusha T, Consequence, etc.) yet he rhythms with such conviction that you'll almost believe he pull out and iPad and wrote it all himself. Man whateva! He's fighting for his spot to be placed among the greats and THIS one may just put him right there. I'm feeling this one top to bottom, like how I felt about "Late Registration" release. NO fast forwarding allowed. Let me break down the album track for track on what I feel will be his what...third classic album I think? Ready?

"POWER"-Straight workout! It's the Hip Hop version of the Rocky theme if there ever was on. The choir background, the handclaps, the guitar riffs, and the character self-referencing sample of "21st century schizoid man"...POWER-ful!

"Monster" (Feat. Rick Ross, Jay-Z, & Nicki Minaj)- Heard this one a while ago, and still feel it when DJs throw it on. Let's be honest, it's REALLY Nicki Minaj's record and Kanye, Ross & Jay are the guest star but this one's a BEAST!

"So Appalled" (Feat. Jay-Z, Swizz Beats, Pusha T, Rza, & Prynce Cy Hi) - Another one I heard way back in it's really raw form and loved it! The Rza I could have done without, but one bad apple does not spoil the bunch. And Pusha T's verse was a bit "cut & pasty" with the drug talk but hey, that's YA MAN!

"Devil In A New Dress"
(Feat. Rick Ross) -By far one of my favorite track off the album & Kanye records for me personally! The haunting Smokey Robinson sample, the piano break, the edgy guitar over dubs give me an "eargasm" EVERY time I play this one. This track reminds me of vintage 'Ye stuff, when he was re-popularizing old soul samples. I think that's...wait...I KNOW that's why I'm loving this one so much! I'd download...ummm, I meant I'd purchase the whole CD just for this one song. Even if I thought the whole album was wack! The song is GREAT as a stand alone song by itself, even though Ricky's verse is HOT, it still sounds to me like the record was completed already, and that was JUST added on last min to "remix" it for consumers to entice them to still cope the "newer" version.

"All of the Lights" (interlude) & "All Of The Lights" (Feat. Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Fergie, The-Dream, Ryan Leslie, Elton John, Charlie Wilson, Kid Cudi, Tony Williams, & Elly Jackson)
Yet another fist pumper following "POWER" this too has that same empowering sound to it, I like to call it "stadium music". I first heard this one being featured in the long form video he released for "Runaway" and instantly know this record would be HUGE! Then when I finally gt the chance to really sit down and closely examine the track I was like "Hold up, the lyrics have NOTHING to do with the hook!?!" Peep how he talking about domestic abuse on this and then listen to the chorus. the two don't even coincide with one another. Even the line about MJ has nothing to do with the rest of the SAME verse either! I'm not hating on it I'm just bringing it to your attention, cause I know your a smart consumer like me. That's all.

"Runaway" (Feat. Pusha T) -To be honest, this one I didn't dig at first. I mean it was cool and all but it's sounds like a 808 track he never completed till he revisited the track for this new album. It's not your usual club banger, but TRY NOT singing along when this comes on in the club. You're probaby the one without the drink in your hand to toast too. LOL! BTW, I like the extended version way better!

"Hell Of A Life" -I call this one "Rockstar Rap". Very dark, but upbeat at the same time. On this track he's reflection of love coming via a pornstar and what all that would entail. Ya know the ol' "hoe into a housewife" story. Interesting but DEFINITELY an album cut NEVER a single. Just due to the subject matter. It's room temperature but not that Project apartment HEAT!

"Blame Game" (Feat. John Legend & Chris Rock) -Probably the saddest and in another turn funnest rap record I've ever heard. Strange right? This one is about verbal abuse this time, which is ANOTHER leftover 808 theme. The lyrics hit home for althose that's been in a Rocky (as in the fighter & shaky) relationship, that's the sad half. Then the over heard phone convo featuring Rock is where the humor comes in at. Dope dope dope song! Grammy worthy even.

"Gorgeous" (Feat. Kid Cudi) - the hook goes;

"Ain’t no question if I want it, I need it
I can feel it slowly drifting away from me
I’m on the edge, so why you playing? I’m saying
I will never ever let you live this down, down, down

Not for nothing I’ve foreseen it, I dream it
I can feel it slowly dripping away from me
No more chances if you blow this, you bogus
I will never ever let you live this down, down, down"

Which is like something Kanye would say to himself in the mirror every morning (after "Wake up Mr. West" of course). I think he spits his hottest lyric yet on this on by far to me. I can see this being release as a late single after alll the hype of the stronger tracks have died down.

"Dark Fantasy" (Feat. Nicki Minaj intro) -Now THIS the track Rza did NOT the "So Appalled" track he's featured on, like everyone thought he produced. And you can sorta tell for that Wu-Tang style bounce sound that it has. But truth be told the highlight of the song is the catchy hook (that I can't seem to get outta my head) which asks the eternally burning question "Can we get much higher?" S#*t I hope so! This s*@t here is CRACK!

"Lost In The World /Who Will Suvive In America?" (Feat. Bon Iver & Gil Scott-Heron) GREAT way to finis off the album. It seems like a song that you play when the credits of a movie are rolling. LOVE the intro into the cut. Niice ending to a CLASSIC (Yes I'm claiming it is) album.

Here's all FIVE album covers to collect if you're into that sorta thing.

Here a link to listen to a soon to be released mixtape I added for good measure too. LISTEN

Friday, November 19, 2010

"The Full Menu!" Thanksgiving Jump-Offs Courtesy Of The Block Association

Thanksgiving is like right at the front door and you know once the hoildays come so does a myriad of festivities to help celebrate them. Well allow me to walk you through some of the finer ones that the good ol' Block Association members are involved in starting with...

Sat. Nov. 20th
"Flashing Lights"
-Private Penthouse Photo Session
& Anniversary Party

251 W. 30th bet 7th & 8th avenues
8pm-9pm Light Fare Reception
9pm-1am Dance party
Hosted by Elle Mortlock (SheIsNYC)
Music by The Ahficionados & Soundproof Int.
Photos by Kwesi Abbensetts (Portfolio)
Upscale Casual Attire required

$20 limited open bar
*purchase in advance & automatically be entered into the raffle twice! Exclusive prizes from Loreal Paris, , LRG, MAC cosmetics,Def Jam, Ginger & LIz +more

$40 limited open bar w/ portrait

Thanksgiving Night come dance off those pounds you just put on and come out to SouthPaw in Brooklyn for some tasty tunes spun by Brooklyn’s own DJ Trauma. It might be cold out, but to add the cherry on top we’ll have Special Guest Talib Kweli turn up the heat in this intimate venue. We are not stopping there, because we know this is going to be another sold out event as an added BKc treat we are gifting “VIP-Head-of-the-Line Complimentary Passes” to the first 100 BKc customers. Stop by The Brooklyn Circus NYC to pick up your ticket and for additional details. Lets welcome this San Francisco Nightlife hit to Brooklyn!

Thursday Nov.25th
the Brooklyn Circus premieres
"Le Cirque" -Thanksgiving Night
SOUTHPAW -125 5th Avenue (Park Slope. Brooklyn)
Music by DJ Trauma (the Block Association/Soundproof)
& Special Guest DJ Hip Hop artist Talib Kweli

Cousins STILL in town bugging you to take them out to "the club" while there in NY? Then Friday (Nov.26th) the Block Association will be taking over Room Service Fridays along w/ Patty Laurent, Dan Smalls, & the Persaud Bros. to finish off the week strong! Last time the Block invaded Room Service for their "Virgo's Night Out" B'day bash folks were talking about it for WEEKS on end! So you can only imagine what will go down on a HOLIDAY WEEKEND...LORD! Here's the deets

Friday Nov.26th
the Block Association invades
Room Service Fridays
Room Service -35 E.21st St. bewtn Park & B'way
Hosted by NY GIANTS Deon Grant & Friends
Music by DJ Trauma & DJ Goldfinger
FREE for ladies on RSVP list ONLY till 12am
subject: I NEED ROOM!

I have more stuff in store for you but this SHOULD hold you for now!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

"Nicki Pinky Swares You!" -Track Listing & Cover For Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday

Out the blue...or should I say pink, Nicki Minaj has single handily "Booty Pop"-ped her way into the iconic lexicon of not only Rap music but now even Top 40 Pop! Now I'm NOT a full-fledged fan but I DO admit to being impressed by her marketing savy, and lyrical prowess. The gimicky voice changes, and off to the side looks, plus the swiss cheesing to the camera can be a bit annoying at times but HEY! She's still a force to be reckon with! Question Nicki, how do you do that s#@*? I'm saving my money on this one but here's the list of song you'll be hearing being played TO DEATH on any given radio station ALL Winter!

1. 'I'm The Best'
2. 'Roman's Revenge' (feat. Eminem)
3. 'Did It On 'em'
4. 'Right Thru Me'
5. 'Fly'
6. 'Save Me'
7. 'Moment 4 Life'
8. 'Here I Am'
9. 'Dear Old Nicki'
10. 'Your Love'
11. 'Blow Ya Mind' (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.234)

This will probably be the shortest "Flashing Lights" posting you will EVER see folks! Why? Well here's the deal. For one, I was pressed for time, A lil' tired, and Veranda is but so big! However the pictures I DID take, I thought were worth still posting. Oh, by the way, before I get ahead of myself. These pics were taken at the listening party for Ciara's latest release ("Basic Instinct") that's coming out (or is it out already?). That album is aptly named if you ask me, cause the stuff I heard was pretty "basic" Ciara if you ask me. Nothing too far off her heavily beaten path. Anyways, my "room-mate" aka Room Service partner, Patty Laurent did a fine job getting press coverage and Ciroc/Nuevo sponsorship on such a short notice for a label's throwback listen party event. Oh FYI, That's Elle Mortlock (of fame) picture w/ "Ce Ce" below. NOT her dancing stunt double that folks thought & were whispering her to be. LOL.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

'Who Spiked The (Sucker) Punch?"

It's not TOO much on the Spring movie calendar that I'm looking forward to to be honest but this film by director Zack Snyder (of 300 & Watchman fame) titled "Sucker Punch" DID catch my attention. That's till I heard word around the water cooler that it was an "action musical" and I thought "Ummm maybe not!" But let me not hate on this too soon. Here's clips from the film that got me excited.

Friday, November 12, 2010

"Get into The Party Life!" Taking Shots Of Patron, Now I'm In The Zone...

Hey just to keep you up to speed withn everything that's going on I'm listing some stuff that may (or may not) interest you to add to your social calender. You ready? Okay first up we have

Friday, Nov. 12th
Toya Summer's (of Jive) B'day
@Room Service
-35 W. 21st St.
Music by DJ Goldfinger
& DJ Trauma
FREE ladies till 12am

Saturday Nov. 13th
the Emerson - 561 Myrtle Ave. near Classon Ave.
Bklyn's swanky NEW watering hole!
Clinton Hills, Brooklyn
FREE Admission
5:00 pm - 4:00 am

Saturday Nov. 20th
The Block Association Presents:
Private Penthouse Photo Session &
.com Anniversary Party: Step Into The Blog

251 W. 30th bet 7th & 8th avenues
8pm-9pm Light Fare Reception
Music by The Ahficionados & Soundproof Int.
Photos by Kwesi Abbensetts (see photos HERE)
Upscale Casual Attire required

$20 limited open bar
*purchase in advance & automatically be entered into the raffle twice! Exclusive prizes from Loreal Paris, LRG, MAC cosmetics, Def Jam, Ginger & LIz +more
$40 limited open bar w/ portrait

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Swanky Panky!" -The Emerson Wants To Upgrade You!

Okay,now close your eyes! Now I want you to imagine "Boardwalk Empire's" styled deco meets home grown Brooklyn swagger and you've pretty much have a GOOD idea of what co-owners Sam Barron (Maggie Brown's), Tom Wentworth (TV producer/writer), and Gina Jankowski (art curator & extended Block Association member) were going for when they collectively conceived the layout for their (soon to be on & poppin' bar) "the Emerson." Taking the namesake from the bar street's location & also the American poet/artist (Ralph Emerson) they too look to support the growing community's art movement by dedicating wall space for future exhibits. The Emerson will mark the FIRST bar (no wait, "bar" is not the right term for this space. "Liquor lounge" or even "wine & spirit sanctuary" is best suit), that you will leave with MORE brain cells from drinking than you came with! Due to the fact that the Emerson will play host to movie screenings, ol' school soul & funk appreciation nights, art exhibitions, as well as private wine tastings. Besides the state-of-the art sound system and projection screen, did I mention that they have a plush POOL TABLE too? Go head say it... niiiice! And YES food WILL be served their too, to soak up the TEN on tap drafted beers they boast having. Now I dare you to leave this place and not use the word...

1.imposingly fashionable and elegant
2. expensive and showy; stylish

When folks ask you "So how's the Emerson looking inside?"

"Soft Opening" Tomorrow (Nov.11th)

GRAND OPENING Sat. (Nov.13th) 5-4am

-561 Myrtle Ave. (near Emerson Place)

Phone: (347) 763-1310
Mon - Thurs: 5:00 pm - 2:00 am
Fri - Sat: 5:00 pm - 4:00 am
Sun: 5:00 pm - 2:00 am

Monday, November 8, 2010

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.233)

If the people in these pictures are familiar to you, but the background location isn't, then that can only mean that you've been missing out on the Belvedere Vodka's "Influence Series" that Micheal Mancini and a selective few taste makers have been hosting down in the Wall St. area at the Gild Hall (located inside the Thompson Hotel). Please keep in mind it's only TWO more of these events left starting with one TONIGHT! If enjoy rubbing elbows (and asses, depending on how packed it may get) with the movers and shakers of the NEW New York scene then I suggest you attend...

Belvedere Vodka presents

The Influence Series

Monday Nov. 8th , 2010

Gild Hall @ the Thompson Hotel.

15 Gold St. Entrance is on Platt St.


Hosted by: Jennaydra Clunis

Music By: DJ CEO

NO RSVP required & like-minded guests allowed.

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"