Monday, February 18, 2008

"Suspended Animation" - the Fly Spy

A Bathing WHAT? WHO's Unit? You must be smoking green bananas to think those guys were first simians of fashion. Not by a long stretch dude. But how Magilla Gorilla (or "the Thrilla" as the ladies called him) differs from those guys is not only was he the first doing it,
he did it up dapper.
Bow tie
...check. Pocket scarf...check.
(aka Derby) hat and Walking cane...double check.
There's humans I know that don't dress this fly...Seriously.
Sadly though, M. Illa became one of those cats unrecognized by the fashion "gate keepers." And the name associated with his species somehow took a turn for the worst. To bad too, he could swing with the best of them.

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