Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"Fall HARDER!" -Support Brothers Shooting...Film! 3 Days Left!

People don't support enough positive things. If you're part of that percentage that wants to do SOMETHING worthy with your money besides buying candy from a young kid to help him purchase that basketball uniform he's been working hard toward, then here's a PERFECT opportunity! Close to completing their FOURTH feature, Sunshowah Films needs you to help them reach their goal of 20.000 (3 days left) by donating thru their Kickstarter campaign. Here's the details of why? and where? you can begin...

"...The Harder They Fall"
Nearly twelve years after the death of his mother, and with an ever growing distance between him and his father, 12-year-old Jabari is on the road to nowhere – and fast. After getting kicked out of school and putting his life in danger, Jabari's father, Wayne, decides that the only option is to send his son to stay with his grandparents in Settlement, Jamaica, with the hope that the older couple will have better luck reaching the boy. Will Jabari bridge the gap between his anger over a childhood lost and embrace the young manhood that awaits him, or will his future be lost forever? Follow Sunshowah Films (Daoud Abeid & Dahkil Hausif) and Streetwise Pictures (Kim Jackson) as they travel from the streets of Brooklyn to the Blue Mountains of Jamaica in a coming of age tale.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt. 268)

Why MORE "Prim & Proper" photos you ask? Well what was once lost has now been found! Carlito (Haciano/Block Boys) LOST his camera on Halloween night, which was the night of our last #FlashMobDinnerParty over at Beauty & Essex. And after damn near TWO and a half weeks of frantically searching for it and giving up hope, at last it was found! So to make you feel it even more of just WHY you needed to be there, here's more visual pain to add to your regrets. LMAO! Oh and BTW, we have yet another one coming up soon (Nov.28th) and sadly our Thanksgiving night at Gold Bar is a NO GO repeat a NO GO! It's been relocated to Gallery Bar for the night. Sorry for any inconvenience folks, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Pencil Me In!" -The Block's November Social Calendar

With not a minute to spare, I got a hold of the full schedule that the Block has planned to finish off November before the cold kicks in. Starting from TOMORROW (Thurs. Nov.17th) till Monday Nov. 28th, we have four FREE /COMP entree events that will make your visiting cousins/sister or brother proud that they got to party with you in New York! Without hearing the embrassing "Man NYC fell off dawg! I wanted a REAL party!" line coming out their country ass mouth. We got you covered! So break out the iCal and let's go over what's on the menu shall we? First up is...

"LOVE is LOVE"-the Grand Opening!
Every Thursday starting Nov.17th
@ Gold Bar -389 Broome St.
Music by DJ Goldfinger & DJ Trauma
Dress is Casually Upscale/Trendy
Comp admission w/ RSVP
Send names to  subject: "Midas Touch"

"F**k Yo Couch, Jive Turkey!"
THANKSGIVING EVE Night -Wed Nov. 23rd
@ WHITE RABBIT -145 E. Houston
Hosted by the Journ3y Men
Music by DJ Goldfinger & the Ahficionados 
Dress is Casually Upscale/Trendy
Comp admission w/ RSVP
Send names to  subject:"Jive Turkey"

@ Gold Bar
Music by DJ Goldfinger & DJ Trauma
Dress is Casually Upscale/Trendy
Comp admission w/ RSVP
Send names to  subject: "Dessert"

"Prim & Proper"- #FlashMobDinnerParty
Monday November 28th
@ Location To Be Announced
Hosted by the Block Boys & Journ3y Men
Dress Fashionably Upscale!!!
Comp admission w/ RSVP
Send names to  subject:"Thankful"


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt. 267)

Ummm don't be upset if you are just now getting wind of this event thanks to this posting! There was a Facebook, BBM, AND email invite going around for days about this happening. It's your bad if you've been ignoring the texts & emails we selectively send out. Well anyways last Saturday past, the crew that brought you the hottest rooftop parties this summer got together again to introduce you to a BRAND NEW space in the West Village called Onegin for a sexy brunch party. The spot formally occupied by Pizzeria Unos has been transformed to a swanky vodka restaurant with hand painted walls and elegant seating. You can tell from the faces of the staff that they've NEVER seen that many blacks...well dressed at that...all congregating in one space at one time. And it not be a southern church! LOL. After playing an opening set for femme DJ C. Devone, I sat my ass down and ordered the wild salmon that was PRIMO! I highly doubt we'd do another brunch party there again but, the salmon gots to be on my to do list again. Thanks on behalf of Gary Grant & the Block Boys for yet ANOTHER dope turnout of good looking folks.

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"