Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"What The FuKKK?!?" -Politrix as Usual

I'm sure by now you've caught wind of this bizarre email that's been floating around.
My first thoughts when I opened it was, either HELL is having the same cold blistering weather we're going through. Or the Klan leaders have taking up the practice of reverse psychology in an act of desperation. Or just maybe someone with photoshop and idle time of their hands thought this would be amusing. Anyway you slice it, it's NUTSO! If true, which is hard to believe, it's basically saying that they're bigger anti-feminist than they are racist? Huh? Maybe they're hoping folks will think "If a racial group of racist are getting behind Obama, maybe Hillary is the better choice." Man, I don't know, my guess is a shot at the "dark"...I meant shot in the dark. Moving on, my feelings are if Barack wins big in Texas (a state who's major cities, Dallas & Houston, didn't even have a black mayor till the late '90's) then he's going all the way. Cut, Rap, Print. Anyways see you at the White House lawn BBQ.


hpic81 said...

Oh my.. madness, pure madness.

Rasu Jilani said...

LOL. A Pile-of-Tricks. Pure reverse psychology and is obvious. The KKK would never ever submitt to a black man running the country over a woman. Even more interesting. KKK's are democrat? LMAO. Classic!

Anonymous said...

Anything to hoodwink the democratic party!

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"