Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"Super Ugly!" -Every Super Bowl Party NEEDS A Half-Time Commercial! Here Is The Block's

Wait...I KNOW you didn't think we were going to do another HUGE event and NOT have a "trailer" for it did you? If you answered "NO!" then you're God damn right! We HAD to release one for this year's "My Uber Sunday" Super Bowl party, especially being that this is not only the 3rd annual one, but it's the BIGGEST one yet! Plus it'll be hosted in the city at Chelsea Piers (bowling lanes) this time around w/ BOWLING included FREE. Sorry Brooklyn, we had to leave our beloved town for this one. But don't be upset at us, you're invited too. The Block movement can't grow unless we touch ALL boroughs right? Or at least a borough EVERYONE can get to...correct? Anyways, what's the one thing folks always remember about the Super Bowl? I mean BESIDES the half-time show! The commercials right! So to promote our football meets bowling soiree' we took the liberty to create our own Coors Light moment (I'll explain why Coors Light at a later time). Thanks to all our "non" actors that participated in helping with our "vision" (LOL). 90% of the content was made up on the spot! But I think it came out pretty dope if you ask me. Kudos you guys! Oscars for everyone! Well...at least SAG awards. LMAO. Hopefully you RSVP'd to attend already right? Nah? Oh then get THAT straight FIRST then watch this! Makes more sense. Send names to... theBlockRSVP@gmail.com

Monday, January 30, 2012

"Get Into The Party Life!" -February is Black...Sorry, BLOCK History Month!

With the new month coming, and recognizing that it's Black History Month, the Block Association has lined up a NICE array of high quality social events to add to your calendar to put a twist on things making this "BLOCK HISTORY MONTH!" So far we've set up a great line up of beautiful venue spaces that would compliment the attractive fashionable crowd we tend to bring out. Starting with this Sunday...

Sunday Feb. 5th is SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!
"My ÜBER Sunday" Super Bowl Party"
300 New York @ Chelsea Piers (23rd st and the Hudson river)
6pm-12am (6:30pm kick-off)
Music by the Ahficionados , & Soundproof Intl.
Guest DJ Goldfinger
(hosted by Silky Valente' & the Journ3y Men)
Admission is FREE
Food served till 12am  & drinks till 1am
Table reservations HIGHLY suggested recommended!
Contact theBlockrsvp@gmail.com 
Arrive EARLY to secure a must
Discount food and bottle packages
Pool Table and games
*Free bowling for ones who RSVP to the block email list.
*Happy hour specials 5pm - 7pm*

On to next weekend Saturday, we will have the honor of hosting a fashion week finale party for men's accessories line Logan Zane at the elegant venue space the World Bar with 10 of the night life's most fashionable men! Looking to bring out the very BEST NYC has to offer this RSVP ONLY event and venue is known for having the most good looking crowds and vibe. So really all that's required for you to attend is to be dressed to the nines And RSVP your name + guest amount ASAP! Oh yeah, B'day parties of 10 are more are welcome. But hurry!

Saturday Feb. 11th
"S.W.A.G. -She Wants A Gentlemen"
@the WORLD BAR -845 United Nations Plz (nr. 48th St.)
Hosted by LOGAN ZANE
& LoNoLi's 5th Annual Lock & Key
+ NYC Finest Male Socialites
Music by DJ Trauma w/ Silky Valente'
Admission by RSVP ONLY; theBlockRSVP@gmail.com
Dress code Immaculate Swag
The following day you NEED to get up and get yo ass well dressed for (the 3rd installment) our Sunday evening daytime brunch party we're doing again. Not sure if you made it out to the last one MLK weekend, but it's safe to say that it was a sure fire HIT! Starting a 3pm it went an hr pass the cut of time of 8pm and went straight into the after party held down at Hotel Chantelle! WHAT a day/night that turned out to be huh?!? Well no after party this time, but it'll still be a banger...
Sunday Feb. 12th 
Gary Grant, Lyshaan Hall, Alanzo Dale present "the COUNTRY CLUB" 
@DUO -72 Madison Ave. (near 28th) 
Music by DJ Trauma
Hosted by the Block Boys 
Then the following weekend, YES President's Day Weekend, we return with a double header Sunday that you will be GLAD you have that Monday off for! First we'll be kicking off our monthly brunch Winter/ Spring series at the well known city venue Pranna. Which will be a daytime version of "Prim & Proper" our monthly Monday night dinner parties...but on a Sunday...for brunch! Then RIGHT afterwards we're heading over to Hotel Chantelle to join DJ Goldfinger for another holiday edition of "La Vita" That sexually charged, no inhibition, dance yo ass off, after party we had same as MLK Weekend! Call a lawyer now! LOL! Adding more fun to the party is.... Stella and Dot!
You’re invited to a Stella & Dot Trunk Show with special stylist Nadia Wilkerson, an event not to be missed. Try on some fabulous, celebrity-coveted jewelry, pop open some sparkly drinks, and join us for an hour or two of style! The jewelry has been seen in Lucky Magazine, InStyle and on countless celebrities. Designed in New York and San Francisco, the pieces are so irresistible and affordable, you’ll be certain to find a little something special. To get a preview of these lovely baubles please click here.

Sunday Feb. 19th Prez Day Wknd
the Block Association presents
"Any Given Sunday" -Holiday Brunch Party
@PRANNA -79 Madison Ave. near 28th St
Music by the Block Boys (DJ Trauma, Danny Ocean, Frei Speech)
Admission FREE w/ RSVP to theBlockRSVP@gmail.com
& the After Party will be...
(Ludlow St. & the corner of Delancey)  
Music by DJ Goldfinger 

B'day parties and celebrations like wise are FREE to join us at any and ALL events, but plan NOW! theBlockRSVP@gmail.com
with date of event and # of guests attending w/ you.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"You Gotta B(ELI)eve Man(ning)!!! -Super Bowl Sunday Couldn't Get More Uber Than THIS!!!

Hey, you busy? Then let me ask to a couple of questions real quick. First one is, have you ever PLAYED a sport while WATCHING a sport? Secondly have you ever rooted for two teams at the SAME time...simultaneously? Lastly, you ever BOWL while wearing a FOOTBALL jersey on? Reason why I'm asking is that, if you answered NO to all three then next Sunday (Feb. 5th, YES Super bowl Sunday) we're giving you the opportunity to do ALL three!!! Yep, if you haven't figure it out by NOW what I'm really trying to say is, this year the Block Association along with co-host the Journ3y Men will be hosting the 3rd Annual "My Uber Super Bowl Party" at a bowling alley...Chelsea Piers bowling alley to be exact! This is be the first of TWO things! One that will NOT in our beloved town of Brooklyn AND the fact that this is the first time we're hosting one that a NYC team will play in! Can you spell AWESOMENESS!?! Wait did I mention that the bowling AND entree will be FREE? My bad son, I almost forgot to throw that in. It's a give back for all those that supported us last year and had to deal with the "growing pains" of our large NYE turnout. WE GOT YOU! Only thing left to do is to RSVP to theBlockRSVP@gmail.com w/ names, go shopping for something cute and casual, and spread the damn word! Super bowl will REALLY mean "bowl" this year! LOL! NFL = Not For Losers

*FYI We've cancelled (repeat CANCELLED) Prim & Proper for this month (Monday Jan 30th) so we can better focus on the grandeur of this huge sporting event.

"My ÜBER Sunday" Super Bowl Party  

@Chelsea Piers (nearWest Side Hwy & 23rd St)
5pm-1am (6:30pm kick-off)
Music by the Ahficionados , & Soundproof Intl.
(hosted by Silky Valente' )
Admission is FREE
Food (served till 12am ) & drinks till 1am
Table reservations HIGHLY suggested recommended!
Contact theBlockrsvp@gmail.com
Arrive EARLY to secure a must.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt. 272)

Man, talk about better late than EVER!!! About a month ago I had this dream where I was attending an event packed front to back with beautiful people all well dressed dancing, and toasting the start of a new year! Come to find out thanks to these pictures I wasn't dreaming AT ALL! It's was actually images from our very last Prim & Proper dinner party (@Hotel Chantelle) in December and the Franklin & Dean New Year's Eve event the became a champagne memory lost but not forgotten. THANK GOD a camera was present so EVERYTHING was a total lost. Oh BTW Prim & Proper for this month (Mon. Jan. 30th) will be CANCELLED! Yes CANCELLED! Sorry for any inconvenience but we're planning something HUGE for the following month of February to come back STRONG so we're taking the night off.  So save these dates Sun. Feb 5th (possible Superbowl party???) Sunday Feb. 19th Sunday brunch day party (@Pranna) & after party (@ Hotel Chantelle) President's wknd. And lastly (Mon. Feb 27th) Prim & Proper Black HIStory month dinner party. RSVP to theBlockRSVP@gmail.com for all events.

FYI; Video footage from "Franklin & Dean" NYE is coming soon!!! EPIC stuff...

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"