Saturday, February 9, 2008

"About Damn Time" -the Time Reunion

"When the student is ready the teacher will appear"
-Buddhist proverb

If Prince is remembered for any of his great musical accomplishments, the inception of the Time has to be within the top 3 of that list. Period. My first memory of even hearing about these guys was this very album you see here, my mom had in her record collection. The self-titled, 6 track, 5 minute
(or more) long songs record, co-produced by the Starr Company, which was code for "Prince did it" back then. I studied very groove and lyric like it was a pop quiz I had to take the very next day. "Cool" became a personal anthem and a way of life for me.
They somehow managed to take the smooth melodies of R&B and married it perfectly with the braggadocious energy of music's new conception at the time, which was Rap. I don't even think Rap at that point figured out how to be so clever at being so raunchy. The Time was the full package, killer stage show, dressed for business, they made it look easy...too easy. Now 18yrs later, after the 1st hit producing reunion ("Jerk-Out), the boys are back at it again Grammy night. And not a moment too soon, cause I think music... matter of fact, the world needs to be reminded what it is to be "cool" again.

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