Friday, February 1, 2008

"Winter Fresh...The Boy in the Bubble" - the Fly Spy

I just know you're staring at this picture saying to yourself, "So this bubble goose jacket trend ISN'T new either?" Nah bro. Once again an iconic fashion figure has been overlooked by the history books.
"Mich Man" was bold with his swag too. He rocked an all-white one, WITH the pants to match!
Straight gangster!
So please stop thinking that you're SO original in your expensive, high-glossy, Moncler or knock-off
Oni-Glo jacket, and pay some respect to the "Man" that
the fashion historians have snubbed. And next time you decide to wear yours outside to brave the cold harsh winds of Winter, take a minute to remember another passed over pioneer.
Ice cold BABY!

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