Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"Raymond WHO? Everybody ❤'s NY"-the Fly Spy

I'm sure you were aware of the "I NY" t-shirt phenom the that caught fire with inner city kids last Summer. Well it seems that the big wigs up the the luxury fashion house we're keeping there ears to the streets.
Not only has Gucci released an in-store only must-have "Gucci NY" bag exclusively for their newest retail store opening in Trump Towers. But it appears Y-3 has followed suit too. If you're not in the know by now, then let me be the 1st to tell you the Y-3 has opened a DL spot located in the Meat Packing District (13th and 8th Ave). These microwave hot sneakers are their take on the NY loving theme. And like Gucci, their only sold inside their store as well.
Unfortunately the ways things are highly sought after these days, they'll probably be sold out by the time you finish reading this. Y-3...hey Y not!
Y-3 Store
13th St. near 8th Ave. & Hudson

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