Thursday, February 21, 2008

Brand Fan: "Totally Butchin' Dude" -Butch Diva

Ladies and gentleman (mainly the ladies) I'm more than proud to present to you the future of where fashion is going, or at least where it NEEDS to be. Give it up people, and put your hands together for (drum roll) Butch Diva. Designer and brand owner Tiffany Rhodes
(I call her Big Tif) like a lot of us was unhappy with some of the choices her wardrobe offered. So she took it into her own hands...literally, and started making clothes for herself and soon after others. Her niche, hard edgy pieces with a classy diva-ish tone. She brainstormed on a name and B.D. was born. As you can see from the photos, the clothes almost look like they've been electrocuted by Broadway's neon lights. The prettiest girl in the room will also be the "Brightest"now, if she's smart enough to rock Butch Diva. She's a bad "Glama Mama"

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