Monday, February 25, 2008

"For Whom Shall the Bell Toll" -Sean Bell trial starts

Today, after much speculation and heated debates about the actual events that transpired on Nov 25th 2006, the real battle will begin in court. As finally the Sean Bell officers go to trial, in hopes of clearing their names and recounting the actions that lead to the shooting death of the soon to be married, unarmed 23yr. old man. Believing that someone in the company of Mr. Bell
(who was celebrating his bachelor party at a local strip club) was armed, cops today will argue that they opened fire in self-defense, fearing for THEIR lives.
The community, and America in general has heard this story one too many times, and seek answers to this disease plaguing Americans...
in particular. Will justice be served? Don't believe the hype. The only ones getting served are "Just Us." I say get Obama in on this one, cause Sharpton ain't as "sharp" as he used to be. Lol

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