Thursday, February 14, 2008

"Life Is Like A Box..." -Spread Luv the BK Way!

Forrest Gump said "Life's like a box of chocolates", but I say think outside that box this year. The teddy bears, the flowers, the Canal St. colonge, all that stuff is well and fine but if you've been on "lock down" or "wife'd up" for sometime, then trust that she's expecting something off the beaten (to death) path. Every year, every February, the date NEVER changes. So you can only blame yourself for waiting till the 11th hour on the 14th. So don't look to me for helpfully hints to bail your thoughtless ass out, I did that already with the last two posting. The most that I'll promise is that I'll make sure she calls you once we leave the Hotel, so you can buy some more time if you haven't bought anything else by

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