Friday, May 29, 2009

"Where The Ladies At?!?"-It's FINALLY "Shoe" Time!

These fine ass ladies (plus more) will be in attendance tonight at the much talked about event this week (at least by me lol), and they'll be rocking their hottest heels and such. It's no trend folks, shoe shopping is a LIFESTYLE! Trust me we completely under
stand, you CAN'T wear'em ALL. the Breakfast Club
(along w/ Aimee L,,

LMortlock.blogspot) are just asking for you to sport the ones that even YOU can't believe are on your feet! I can just hear the "hate-versation" when you walk by like "Oh look those are NICE! But she/he ain't f#@kin' with these right here!" It's just that serious people. Here's some pics of a pair I spotted while out and about (no, they're NOT for me) that I looking to see if someone is bold enought to wear. See you guys tonight! The whole club will be looking a GOOD way!
P.S. don't step on mine!

The Minority Report Alongside The Breakfast Club Presents

"I Gotta A Mean Shoe Game"

Fri. May 29th

Sponsored by
Uptown Magazine

Music By the Ahficionados along w/ DJ Radio Rose
DJ jasmine Solano

527 Myrtle Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11205
(btwn Grand st. and Steuben st.)

Ladies : Free all night
Gentlemen : $5 w/ladies $10 w/o ladies

No fitted hats
Doormans Discretion

Prizes will be given for the best shoe of the night
Raffling tickets to exclusive polo sample sale

Birthday Parties Requests

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"Green With Envy" -Backyard Boogie

BIG thangs are happening all over town and Brooklyn is no exception. Just in time for Summer "the Bridge is Over" group (peep Facebook) has gotten there hands on a NICE hunk of property, to return to doing the type of mature ol' school BBQ's that you're used to enjoying. Not only does it have a HUGE decked out backyard complete w/ a wall movie projector, this baby here sports two 40ft floors of space...just in case Moms Nature wanna act up that day. We'll be premiering this exclusive space hopefully in time for Target 1st Sat.'s after party July 4th (fingers crossed) for an event sure to be talked about till the NEXT Summer! Join the group on FB now, you be the very first to find out.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"But When The Shoe Is On the OTHER Foot..." -Start Shopping for Friday, If Yo "Game" Ain't Tight!

Need help understanding just how SERIOUS folks are about their shoes game before you attend the "I Got A Mean Shoe Game" event this Friday (May 29th)? Well I've just posted three videos to enlighten you on just WHERE you need to be headed in your frame of mind. No pressure but, you may need to look yourself the over twice (from the floor up) before you head on out to Tamboril.

THIS Friday (May 29th)
the Breakfast Club & the Minority Report presents
"I Got A Mean Shoe Game"
Tamboril -527 Myrtle Ave near Grand. & Steuben
Ladies FREE All night guys $10 w/o date
Music by the Ahficionados & Special guest DJ Radio Rose & Jasmin Solano
Raffle for best foot wear
Ladies heels, wedgies, pumps, stilettos, etc. Fellas; shoes or clean kicks are a MUST!

"I'll Be Wack" & "The Devil Made Me Do It" -Terminator Salvation + Angels & Demons Movie Reviews

Last week I got the chance to take in TWO movies that was suppose to kick off the Summer blockbuster run, but it's looking like a false start to me with these two I gotta tell you. I'll explain why, starting with Terminator Salvation first. To me the movie never developed the intensity that the first two did by having a central villain in the film. Two heros and not one single "bad ass" in a world FULL of terminators? Give me at least one programmed to find John Conner of present day and kill him right? You sent one to the past damn it! Kill the son of a bitch NOW man! True be told, that other character dude from the past was WAY more interesting to watch on scene (no homo) than ya boy Christian (I like to go off on the on-set help) Bale! Not to spoil things but ummm...Common's in it too, stink up the joint like his last album. It hurt to watch him fail twice in one year. His worst line after hearing that "the Resistance" was going to blow up a Skynet base full of survivors was "HUH?" Brillant writing fellas. Plus through all the chaos, and day to day combat going on, he must've still found time to get a fresh cut and beard shape up from time to time I'm guessing. The writing was on the (poster) wall, it says Bale (Bail). And that's what I should have done... "Bale'd!"

Now on to Angels & Demons, which wasn't that much better. Might you the whole story plot is suppose to happen with a time span on 24hrs. It works for head-butting Keifer but not so much for Tom (Hanks) here. Especially after a last minute flight to Rome, I'd think he'd be jet lagged. Somehow he gets partnered up w/an attractive female AGAIN(?), who's not only a scientist but can read ancient Latin, and like to deface rare, out of print, only one copy left books. Which by the way struck me as odd that NO cameras in that highly guarded, heavily watched area, caught on tape...what? And NO consequences came from that? I'm an atheist when it comes to believing that would happen! And can we talk about the last min. bomb rescue/parachute escape? Explain to me how Ewan only gets effed up on way down, but an explosion that floored the whole Vatican city left the closest person to the blast untouched? A "Big Bang" proportion type at that! A big BOO on that one! I say he deserves to run the Vatican after surviving the self branding and the near fatal sky dive, it shows that he's committed to his causes no matter how zany. The only sin committed here, was paying to see this before it comes out on DVD.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

"The Return Of The Art of Dating!" -The Date Auction Come To Aspen

Quick question, are you free next Wednesday (June 3rd) after work? No I meant FREE as in single? Reason I asked is for one night only, Two Guys & a Gal, The Bridge Lab along w/ the Minority Report, are hosting a social mixer with a date auction as the night’s highlight. That’s right, we said auction! But don’t worry, it’s in good fun and co-ed (that’s right, ladies and gents!). So, please join us at the exquisite Aspen Lounge & Restaurant for an evening of cocktails, dancing, mingling, bidding, and a dose of political consciousness on the side.

Wed. June 3rd
"The Date Auction"
the uber sexy Aspen -30 W.22nd St (betwn 5th & 6th)
Hosted by the Minority Report
Music by the Ahficionados
Dress in semi casual/ business attire
FREE admission

Auction Details:
· Bios & photographs for individuals (male & female) on the auction block will be available at the start of the evening.
·The winning bidders will receive a sponsored date at a restaurant in District 35.
· If you're an eligible single interested in being more than a spectator please contact us at .

A partial list of restaurants is below:
Grand Dakar - Senegalese/West African:
Speakeasy - Global Comfort Food
Kush - French/Pan African cuisine
Madiba - South African cuisine
Auction Proceeds go to support Medhanie Estiphanos’ campaign for city council in Brooklyn’s District 35. For more information on the candidate, please visit:

**Donations are matched 6 to 1 by the NYC**

Friday, May 22, 2009

"Dream Girls in BK!" -All Girl Concert in Billyburg

Nothing like a GREAT concert right? Even better, nothing like a great ALL GIRL concert! This Saturday just that will go down at the latest hot spot in Williamsburg Public Assembly! Look at the line up, Raye6, TreZure the Empress, Ihsan Muhammad, Suzi Analog, and it goes on. You have had heard one of these young ladies take it down somewhere else right? So imagine what will happen when they're all together! Awesomeness!

Sat.May 23rd
The Good People at HustleMode, Lioness Extravaganza, Loft Boys Media & The Elan Group
"The Girl Of My Dreams"
Public Assembly -70 N.6th St.
feat. live performance by
*plus special guests*
$10 in advance or on the guestlist
$12 general admission

"I Can Make You Say Ah Ah Ah!" -the Ahficionados Run BK All Weekend

If you're part of the the whole "Bridge Is Over" group movement currently growing (400 + members strong) on Facebook. Or you're just simply looking for some affordable parties to attend over the loooongg weekend. Then here's a last min update before you head out to party! Be prepared. Just add is an exclusive event tonight that just opening up to the public for FREE! Go look...the Aficionados are all over EVERYTHING!

"OMFG!" -Our Music is Funkin' Good!
ReBar -147 Front St.
Music by the Ahficionados
All the music you've been dying hear for the LONGEST!
80's, 90's, Neo-Soul, R&B, Good Ol' Hip-Hop
Plus "T.R.O.Y" Memorial tribute to hip-hop's fallen
Happy belated B.I.G.
F train to York then down one block to Front St. ur there!

Sat. May 23rd
"Off The Books" -A FaceBook mixer to meet your new "friends"
the Speakeasy -132 Greene (near Waverly)
Music by the Ahficionados
Hosted by the Minority Report

Sun. May 24th Memorial Weekend
the Breakfast Club & the Minority Report presents
"Spring Break(fest)"
Tamboril -527 Myrtle Ave near Grand. & Steuben
11pm-4am (following BAM festival)
Ladies $10 All night, guys more
Music by the Ahficionados & Special guest DJ Wonder
Live Bikini models for House of Jackie Brown
NY Sports Club trial membership giveaway raffle
Tropical drink specials 11pm to midnight
Each is $6.00 -"Beach Bum Punch", "Passion Sunrise", "Mellon Wave (shot)"

Friday May 29th
the Breakfast Club & the Minority Report presents
"I Got A Mean Shoe Game"
Tamboril -527 Myrtle Ave near Grand. & Steuben
Ladies FREE All night guys $10 w/o date
Music by the Ahficionados &
Special guest DJ Radio Rose w/ Jasmin Solano
Hosted by Aimee' L.,
Lauren (
and Elle (
Ladies heels, wedgies, pumps, stilettos, etc. Fellas; shoes or clean kicks are a MUST!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Drag Me To Heel!" -Partner Let Me Upgrade You

For as long as shoes have been in existence, ladies have made sure that there was enough space in the cave, hut, pyramid, castle or whatever to keep their shoe collection growing! Now in modern times even though the living spaces have gotten smaller, women refuse to cut back. I'm not hating I'm just making a point that the love of shoes ain't going NOWHERE! Especially now that guys are into it as well with their sneakers. I say lets' celebrate that love. If you're planning to attend the "I Got A Mean Shoe Game" event next Friday (May 29th) I posted some pics of what's expected of you, or rather your feet. Good luck shopping ladies!

Friday May 29th
the Breakfast Club & the Minority Report presents
"I Got A Mean Shoe Game"
Tamboril -527 Myrtle Ave near Grand. & Steuben
Ladies FREE All night guys $10 w/o date
Music by the Ahficionados & Special guest DJ Radio Rose
& Jasmin Solano

Hosted by Aimee' L., Lauren (
and Elle (
Ladies heels, wedgies, pumps, stilettos, etc. Fellas; shoes or clean kicks are a MUST!

"Drake Cakes!" -"The Hottest Dude Out" Drake Live At S.O.B.'s

Well WHO knew (?!?) "Jimmy Brooks", the wheel chair bound character from that tween high school soap opera "DeGrassi" I used to watch (did I just admit that?), would be the most buzzed about rapper/singer out now? I heard the song "Best I Ever Had" long before I realized it was the same dude. If you ever watched the show, you'd understand why I sound so shocked! The cat was a straight cornball on the show, or at least his character was. Guess that's great acting huh? Well anyway fast forward to now, and "Drake" (as he's referred to now) is packing out shows man. Go head Jimmy! You're not taking your career "sitting down" anymore huh? Start standing on line from like...NOW!

Tues. May 26th
w/ CC & Soul Mafia, Folk & Stress
S.O.B.'s - 204 Varick St
8:30 -11:30
21 & over


"In Other News..." -Upcoming Events Going Down

Safe to say it's much to do or the next couple of days ESPECIALLY at S.O.B.'s where they're heating up just in time for the Summer concert rush. I do tired and lasy to give EACH one a full desciption so you'll just have to click on the fliers to get the full details on them. The first one is that roller skating party I KEEP telling you guys to attend. And the last is a House music party that started last week. But it's not too late to enjoy, my bad.

"Lords Of The Underground" -Hobo of the Rings

Forgive me if I'm wrong, but the other day on the subway I swore I was sitting across from Gandalf the White of "Lord Of The Rings" fame. I'm into my movies man, so I "geeked" out when I caught a sighting of him horse-less on the "iron horse". He must be going through tough times in this recession too. It's good to see that he didn't go all "Hollywood" on us right?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"I Know You Seen Me On The Video..True!" -Jeese Boykins III "Come To My Room" Preview

No lie I get a call from both Jeese Boykins III AND this manager looking to shoot his next video "Come In My Room" at Frank White last weekend! Problem is, Frank White is CLOSED! So resourceful ol' me makes some phone calls and mins later BOOM(!) I get a call back from that corner eatery Speakeasy (on Waverly & Greene) saying we can rock. DOPE! Set up was at 10am, which may as well been 4am cause I was hanging out the night before. But none the less I was there...on time. Here's some behind the scenes flicks and video clips I took on set. Which was fun by the way. This Saturday at the SAME spot (Speakeasy) we're doing an after party for DanceAfrica at BAM /Facebook mixer called "Off the (Face) Books" from 10pm-3am that I would LOVE for you to attend, it's FREE btw. Oh, I almost forgot. The last vid clip is this new BK greeting that's catching fire in the streets right now, so don't be surprised if you see it somewhere else.

"When They Reminese Over You..." -The Kwame' Reunion (Live On Stage)

Okay the jig is up! For those that had no knowledge of me from the 80's, I was a former member of a short live rap group called Kwame' (and A New Beginning) while I was still attending High School (of Art & Design). From my early teens till my early twenties, I traveled the world over performing on stage the few hits we managed to have ("the Rhythm", "the Man We All Know & Love", & "Only You"). Over the years, I've been blessed to have toured w/the best out at the time, LL Cool Jay, NWA, Public Enemy, Salt & Pepa, Kid & Play, Slick Rick, Rakim & Eric B., 2Pac, man the list goes on! Good times folks, good times. Now a world re known blogger /event planner, you can easily say it's been some time since I been on stage. So you can imagine the shock I had when I received a (Facebook) note at the 11th hour, about a "reunion" performance at the Apollo! Read the note at about 1pm, the sound check was at 3pm, show starts at 8pm! Sheesh! By the time we did one mic check, ate, went home to change and came back, it was time to go right on! No time for nerves now, the Retro Kidz opened up for us (which made PERFECT sense) and it was SHOWTIME (at the Apollo lol)! Mind you right after Dres (of Black Sheep) just KILLED it! Besides one small glitch, the show went over well. Back in the green room, it was like an 80's/90's party with the real artist attending (LOL). Changing Faces, Yvette Michelle, Chubb Rock, Kool Moe Dee, Ed Lover, UTFO, and tons more all we're happy to see each other (...alive still I bet). We weren't allowed to tape but, I said f@#k'em and recorded some stuff anyway. Man I miss that "groupie luv!"

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Be A Lifesaver" -Bikini Models Need ASAP! Thank You!

Hey ladies I need a favor. An up & coming bikini designer (House of Jackie Brown) just okayed us to preview their 8o's inspired bikinis for the "Spring Break" Memorial weekend event at Tamboril this Sunday! Problem is it's last min. and we NEED models! There are 8 samples so 8 models in total are needed. Just confidence, a great pair of shoes, and a partying attitude, and oh yeah...a bikini worthy body (of cousre) is all that's needed to rock. If that's you then if possible please hit Kai or Keith up at
w/your contact info and pic/jpeg (of course)
I'll see who made the cut this Sunday (May 24th)

Sun. May 24th Memorial Weekend
(following BAM festival)
the Breakfast Club & the Minority Report presents
"Spring Break(fast)!"
Tamboril -527 Myrtle Ave near Grand. & Steuben
Ladies $10 All night guys more
Music by the Ahficionados & Special guest DJ Wonder
NY Sports Club trial membership giveaway raffle
Tropical drink specials From 11pm to midnight

Each is $6.00

"Beach Bum Punch"
Mango Rum
Fruity Punch

"Passion Sunrise"
Gold Tequila
Passion Mix
Orange Juice
Splash of Cherry juice

"Mellon Wave (shot)"
Midori Mellon
Splash of Sour mix

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"