Friday, October 29, 2010

"The Boogie Monster Is Coming" -YES! One Mo' Day Till We Monster Ballin'

The Survival Guide of Having A Great Time @ MONSTERS BALL!

1. Have you RSVP'd for FREE entree (till 11:30) yet? That's the ONLY way that the FREE thing works so...Make sure it's your FULL NAME too!

2. EARLY arrival is HIGHLY SUGGESTED! We're expecting just as (if not BIGGER) than last year's turnout for this Saturday so the line will be long and strong. If you're not through those doors by 11:30 on the dot then you WILL be subject to paying the $10 (or more) entree fee.

3. Know how to get there? Brooklyn Bridge is the best way coming from Manhattan the first exit to your right Cadman Plaza then bear right and straight down will bring you right to Front St. By train you can take, the A/C to High St. third car (coming from BK) exit then walk three blocks down. 2/3 train to Clark St. will put you close too. Last option would be the F train to York as well but the walk is a little farther.

4.Dumbo is TERRIBLE on parking! However there IS a parking lot on the very NEXT block from the venue on Front St. that stays open late!

5.ALL Block Association events are 21+ w/ID Yeah we know the Brooklyn Circus is co-presenting but hey, we're not selling clothes Saturday. It's a PARTY folks! NO ID NO ENTRY NO BUTS! Check before you leave the house and the other purse you forgot it in.

6. This is a COSTUME party! However ALL BLACK attire is fine but CLEAN CUT PLEASE! And honestly a mask wouldn't hurt either if you going for that look. No costume WILL cost you slightly more at the door.

7. They will be all races, ages (over 21), and walks of life there. Be respectful to EVERYONE. Cause you have a mask on is NO excuse to be rude and disruptive. You AND your girl "Snooki" WILL get thrown the f**k out back to Jersey Shore!

8. DJs FREE like 'Frei, Trauma, Goldfinger, and Jasmine Solano are well qualified DJs and play a wide variety of music genres, so you hear a LOT on Sat. Plus we have THREE flrs. so if you're NOT the dancing type then the first and second flrs. are more loungy.

9.Bring friends and a GOOD camera! It's going to be a eyeful if history repeats itself, and you wouldn't wanna miss a THING!

10. Come with a GREAT attitude a make NEW friends and see old ones and simply have a FUN time! Introduce yourself to a Block Association or Brooklyn Circus member and let'em know you appreciate the invitations. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

"BIGGING Up My Borough"-The Skinny On Two New Openings

Okay allow me to break it down for you. You got KFC, McDonalds, Burger King, Golden Crust, Apple Bees, Dominoes, Subways, Papa John's, Popeyes, Halal, Jamaican, AND Dominican restaurant all in ONE area! And NO this isn't a food court I'm talking about! It's in the Bed-Stuy...sorry Stuyvestant Heights neighborhood between the Fulton & Franklin and stretches stomachs all the way to Thompkins. NOW one more has been add to the list, the just opened burger chain Checkers joint on Nostrand Ave! And from the looks of things it seems to be a HIT and it's only been open for two weeks now. But it's ALWAYS packed, especially with overweight tweens released from "Juvie Hall" aka called High School. LOL. Now I'm hearing that 7 Eleven is looking (or rather IS) opening up on Flatbush Ave. and Fulton St. to help out with the widening of Brooklynites waist lines. Located right across from Juniors, I'm sure this TOO will be a success as well. What's next Denny's? Waffle House? Big Boy's? Or a Church's Fried Chicken? Huh? Fast food is the NEW crack in the hood fo' realz! Damn, I just made myself hungry from writing this stuff man!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"New York, New Stalk" the Monsters Ball Trailer

As if you weren't ALREADY hyped about the "2nd Coming" (of Monsters Ball) the Block Association decided to put the icing on the pumpkin shaped cake and hit you off with a teaser trailer for our (the Brooklyn Circus/the Block Association's) ENORMOUS shindig this Saturday (Oct.30th) down in DUMBO! The clip below stars the Block's very own Keith "Major" as "the Stalker" which has a bit of irony to it, being that folks always comment/complain (whateva!) to me about how they feel "cyber-stalked/spammed" by the numerous notices (via Facebook & e-mail) he sends out, about any upcoming events we're presenting (LOL)! HEY what can I say? The boy goes EXTRA HARD! And can you blame him? He just wants to share the "Good Times" like J.J. with you. "Our joints be CRACK!" His exact words, not mine. So bring your pipes people! BTW* Is 'Frei "the "Black Scorsese"

Sunday, October 24, 2010

"West Of Eden" -Kanye's (Full Length) "Runaway" Video, Cover Art & Title Track

Set for a Nov. 16th release, Kanye & Def Jam are pulling out ALL the stops to insure that one of their top selling artist delivers on a buzz worthy album...and they should. With a reported $3 million dollar recording budget in the age of leaked/bootleg downloads best believe they're looking to recoup that s**t back.! Just released is a full-length long form video with various song off the album to "tease" listeners for what's to come. DOPE idea! Save on release a BUNCH of videos down the line for song that may or may not turn into singles anyways. Not I'm a bit indifferent about how I feel about the video but the images are INCREDIBLE without question! The concept is a play on his ORIGINAL cover art work which was "supposedly" banned (hype, I get it). But what's a G.O.O.D. artist without a lil' controversy huh? I posted below BOTH versions of the cover (which for SOME reason I bet will be a "special limited edition" piece knowing him) and the album title track (I think) "Dark Fantasy." Anywho, here's your Kanye fix foe at LEAST half a week! Lord Lord Lord! BTW* he's NO actor for sure.

Kanye West -"Dark Fantasy"

Friday, October 22, 2010

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt. 231)

Monday night, (I'm not sure if you got my text or not) I assisted in hosting duties for Patty Laurent's label launching event at 1Oak that went off without any glitches despite the behind the scenes DRAMA! Word had it that Diddy put the event on blast on Twitter so 1Oak was type nervous about the turnout wise of course. But I gotta say, it was NO incidents to speak of other than Coco's (yeah Ice-T was there too, hanging with of all people Treach?) ass trying to break free from her pants! The majority of the crowd was white (because that's just how 1Oak gets down) but trust, they do alot of couch sitting that night TOO! Don't get it twisted. Except their couch sitting is accompanied by fist-pumping as well. LOL. Anyways DJ Reach was the music selector for the event and he did well pleasing the mixed (age AND race) crowd of attendees. Cassie, Young Joc, and myself were the only OTHER celebs I noticed throughout the crowd besides the Coco, Ice-T and Treach sightings. Afterwards L.A. and I made a bee line over to CV (105 Rivington) to peep this group 'Frei (the Ahficionados/ the Block Assoc.) has been raving about called Electric Wire Hustle guest DJaying there. Spun around the round twice then punched out for the night...GONE!

"Night Vision" -Vegas At Night

Now you CAN'T go to Vegas and help but to be overwhelmed by the neon electricity that lights up the night up and down the Strip. Part Mardi Gras, part Times Square, part New Years's Eve & Fat Tuesday ALL rolled up in one, Vegas is like an ADULT version of Disney World. Right? Anyway I need to make space on my hard drive so before I delete some memories I thought "Hey, maybe I should post some of these to the blog! Folks that have been OR thinking about going would appreciate 'em (I hope)." Okay so here's Vegas city light as seen through my eyes...the censored version! I left off the bankrupted homeless, random yelling out-of-town drunks, and loosely dressed broads off...cause I wouldn't wanna spoil it for ya! LOL

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"