Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"Let My Music Go!" -New Music Release Dates

To make things easier for you (cause that's how I do) I've composed an extensive list of some, soon to be released, new music that will surely keep you busy on Limewire through out these cold winter months. LOL. Waring you may need to get a new iPod w/ more gigs to hold all this stuff. See you later at either The Inn (9th ave. & W.12th St. 6-11am) or at Deity (Atlantic near Bond, 10pm-
4am) yes? Enjoy the Holidays.

Artist: DJ Drama

Artist: Madonna

Artist: Musiq (Soulchild)

Artist: 50 Cent

Artist: Brandy

Artist: Keri Hilson

Artist: Jadakiss

Artist: Al Green

Artist: Common

Artist: Jamie Foxx

Artist: Scarface

Artist: Akon

Artist: Busta Rhymes

"A Different Me"
Artist: Keyshia Cole

"Love vs. Money"
Artist: The-Dream

"Fantasy Ride"
Artist: Ciara

Others to come '08-'09
India.Arie ,Amy Winehouse, Joe Budden, Cassie, D'Angelo, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Eve, Fugees, Ginuwine, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Jay-Z, Lil Jon, MF Doom & Ghostface, Naughty By Nature, Rakim, Ralph Tresvant

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Heart Me Or Leave Me Alone" -808 Album Review

Okay folks, it's OUT today! Though I never really hear folks saying "I can't WAIT till 'Ye's new joint comes out!" it's still always an event when it does. Straight off the back, my first thoughts on it were "T-Pain of '08 meets Pharrell of '80" or the soundtrack to a really weird robot love story called "Byte Me!" Or better yet, "Cold Play meets Zapp on a trip to Africa" Mind you, without question I applaud his musical ambition to push "rap" (if it still can be called that) further. Kudos. But don't download this latest endeavor hoping for the party/champagne anthems of past CDs, it ain't gon' happen bro. Known for starting off his albums with a haunting but catchy beat "Say You Will" does not fail to continue in that tradition. Always the reflective artist he states "My friend shows me a picture of his kids. And all I could show him was a picture of my cribs..." on track two " Welcome to Heartbreak" (w/Kid Cudi) NICE! Next up was second single "Heartless," which he just performed on Good Morning America this morning & the AMA's Sun. Personally I'm not feeling this one too tough. The lyrics are cool, but I keep waiting for the beat to drop. And that's the sentiment I feel through out the whole CD, "Where's the Beef?" or rather the beat? "Amazing" san Jeezy-less, I can live with. "Love Lockdown" stands out like a sore bandaged up thumb. The tension the beat builds up is dope, especially with the accompanying piano chords on top. It's the music you'd hear playing in the background when the humans are chasing the lover robots in said movie. "Paranoid" (w/Mr. Hudson) I had to look at the credits to check to see if the Neptunes were listed...Nope. All Kanye. Hmmm. I hear a Pharrell remix in the near future. All in all, it's a cool addition to your ever growing playlist/CD collection but this should been a double CD instead of Bey' Half his Grammy getting goal type records, and then CD2, some funkier party $#!t. At the end of the day, I still rather be a Kanye -like artist than one tellin' folks "Superman dat oh!" anyday!

I joked and asked "Kanye what's next? Cologne called You Smell Me?" That's when he made that face you see pictured. Or maybe it was just my camera in his face.

"You Got Nerve? So What, We Got GUTS!" -A BK Thanksgiving Eve Event

Scrambling to find a place to eat this year? Then you find yourself scrambling to find gifts (on sale) for your love ones this year! A NICE chill, out cool vibe party is EXACTLY what you need to start off the hectic holidays right? I got you! Fot the VERY 1st at Deity, we'll (Guts, Daoud of Coup D'Etat BK, & the Minority Report) are teaming up yet again for a uber dope holiday party! Remember "Monster's Ball"? Same vibe, same fun, different location. However, my bad I was teling folks it was FREE,'s really $5 bucks. Sorry bout that, but trust me it's worth twice as much!.

Wed. Nov. 26th Thanksgiving Eve

Deity -368 Atlantic Ave. near Bond St.
$5 Admission
Music by the Ahficionados
Hosted by Guts, Daoud of Coup D'Etat BK, & the Minority Report

Monday, November 24, 2008

"To DC or Bus(t)!" -Join The ObamaNation!

Well you DO know that we've planned a 4 bus trip headed for DC in January for the Presidential Inauguration right? But what you DON'T know is that tix are now on sale...No now just FOR sale, ON sale too. ALL tickets from here on out will be the low price of $75 bucks! Yes, you read right my literate friend. $75 bones! Purchasable on-line and now for pick-up. We are now leaving at midnight (January 20th) to avoid traffic and if you plan on coming please click the link and purchase tickets. they are first come first served and we are not holding seats The 75.00 seats are going fast and this is the last week we will hold this promotion. Then the price jumps to 100.00! To purchase tickets, visit

Tuesday, January 20th, 2008
Time: 12:00AM – 11:00PM

Come witness and be a part of history down in Washington, D.C. as Barack H. Obama is sworn in as our nation's 44th President. Change is finally here.

Mary Pryor (We Fancy, I Love You Like Cooked Food)
Anita Bryant (A-Marketing / Sista Factory)
Kristen Fraser (Cornerstone)
Rasu Jilani & Daoud Abeid (coup d'etat BROOKLYN / Sunshowah Films)
Keita P. Williams (KeiStar Productions)
Charles Anthony (Hustlemode)
Alanzo Dale (The Minority Report NYC)
Eric Raphael & Derreck Johnson (Rare Form)

PRICING (per ticket):
$75 for the first 100 tickets sold, then…
$100 until Monday, December 15th
$150 after Monday, December 15th

"And The Award Goes To..." The American Music Awards In Review

Did you happen to catch the American Music Awards (AMA's) last night? If NO, then I'll bring you up to speed so you won't feel like an outcast around the ol' water cooler today. In my opinion the BIGGEST winner of the whole night was...Disney!
The parent company of ABC made sure that this year's award show promote basically all the talent they run. The show opened up with a medley (?) from Christina Aggie-whatever. A former Mouseketeer btw. Why a medley you ask? Who knows, it's not like she was receiving a life -time achievement award or anything! Oh, but she DOES have a greatest hits CD to promote right (exclusively at Target, a sponsor for the show. hmmm). Awkward moment of the night; Some dude walks out high/drunk or something to announce a song called "Sober." Loved the irony. Best performances top three (not in any order); Cold Play, Beyonce', and Ne-Yo. Hot! Top Head Scratches; Flo Rida up for ANYTHING! Kanye GIVING an award away (to Lil' Wanye). Chris Brown winning Artist of the Year(?) over Cold Play, Alicia (I wanna lick you) Keys, and Lil' Wayne! Even he was shocked! Other Disney plugs; Miley (freakin' Hanna Mon-freakin' -tana) Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers performing, plus another former Mouseketeer Justin Timberlake as a surprise host. Other highlights (or rather low points) were the (stray) Pussycat Dolls set singing "When I Grow Up." Ummm, like grow up already! And ya'll remember when Jamie Foxx use to be funny? I miss the funny Foxx (no homo)! Two of the biggest acts had the biggest yawns, Kanye West & Rihanna (dude, where'd my accent go)...Dope haircut BTW. The Dream brings out Beyonce' ? Man I could've done that! New Kids On the Block looked like "Ol' Men Off That Rock!" Stiff, but happy to still be moving. Long story short. I missed the 24 season premiere for THIS!?! And P.S. Jimmy Kimmel sucked...So not funny!

Friday, November 21, 2008

"I Am...Not Impressed!"-Beyonce's (& Sasha's) Latest Album Reviewed

Hey, trust me, I have no fear admitting I'm a fan of Mrs. Knowles
And why should I be, I've come to enjoy her work as a solo artist from the very first single released two years ago. So with that being said, I had no qualms about purchasing her latest double disc body of work that hit the shelves this past Tues. with no regrets, or even preview listens. Vocally Bey always delivers, if not give even more than expected of her. No problemo. However after listening (in a weeks time) to her "I Am...Sasha Fierce!" joint I'm comfortable saying I like her better when her was single. Yeah I said it! Not to blame Jay but this album here...a yawner. Maybe she's looking to get off her label, or she's gotten too too comfortable with her status, but I know know man. I'm fishing for answers here, help me out folks. On the first disc ("I AM") "If I Were A Boy" is a concept we've heard before (remember Ciara? Well do you?) so nothing new there. Maybe R.Kelly's remix will be more interesting perhaps? But by a show of hands, who wants to picture either one of them as the opposite sex? None huh? Thought so. "Halo" (the next single) I dig. Yet it sounds "Umbrella"-ish on the hook. Like a Rihanna out-take. Not hating, I CAN vibe to this one. "Disappear" is the anthem to all the missing members of Destiny's Child peep these lines; "I missed all the signs, One at a time you were ready. What did I know starting our lives. No my love, I'm ready to shine!" Deep ish huh?! Okay now on to disc two ("Sasha Fierce"). "Single Ladies" is a can't miss joint that is sure to appear on her "Greatest Hits: Beyon(ce') Expectations!" (just jokes) CD. She shines when she's on those girly anthems she sings. But that "Diva" crap? Oh Nooo! Leave it for the mix-tapes Bey! That "A Milli" like beat is kinda ol' now sistah, fo' reals. With better, tighter produced I could maybe see it working, part-time, but still working doing it's job. For me, I just personally wanna see her take more musical risks and step out and away from the (radio) box.
Do a say retro album (70's Soul or Funk) w/a full orchestra backing! Or straight up, give folks "the Best of Both Worlds 3" w/ her and Jay-Z folks are dying to hear finally! Those are just my thoughts about the whole thing man. Comments?

"Bond...Word Bond!"-Quantum of Solace Review

So there's the deal, there IS a sophomore jinx that exists! Where does Hollywood get off thinking it can sell me the same product (prettier package) with LESS content, and think I'm cool with that? Okay, let's take it from the top. The infamous "Bond" intro title sequence was "eh!" to me. the Jack White/Alicia Keys theme I dug, but the on screen image graphics could've been "doper" (if that's even a word) I feel. The beginning starts straight into a car chase scene with no clues to who's chasing Bond and why, down impossibly small & narrow streets. After numerous shots fired, crashed civilian cars and extensive road damage, only ONE police car decides to get involved unsuccessfully. (Spoilers ahead!) Next scene we discover the cat James was after, from the end of the first movie ("Casino Royale") was stowed away in the trunk "Transporter 1, 2 , & now 3" style for safe keeping. Judi Dench as "M" (love the name) plays a much bigger role this time around. Coming from behind the desk, into the field, to help interrogate (IE. torture) Bond's suspected captive (yeah...right!). That's like your boss, stopping by your cubicle to sit with you, to help you finish your work in time for lunch. After captive dude ("Mr. White") laughs off their hollow threats, he makes one himself, and M's own bodyguard bucks shots at her...Gangster! And the chase begins. Now I'm not gonna ruin the whole movie for you just in case you may still wanna see it as opposed to seeing something like say "Bolt." But here's why it thought it was "Lite FM." Point one, Bond becomes a rogue agent when his team thinks he's on a revenge mission for dolo. So why would you then send a FEMALE agent, an attractive one, with no fire arms to bring him back quietly? Especially when better trained enemy agents haven't been able to capture him yet, AND he's well known to be womanizer! Duh?! Ummm, what happened to the expected gadget scenes we usually get from a Bond flick? A stolen ear piece and a blocked credit card was all you guys have to offer? Lastly, there was NO sexual tension what so ever between him and the lead chick, what's her face...None! And you make them kiss because? I 'm waiting...thought so. It would've been more believable had he kissed Judi, if you ask me man. Bottom line, I left the theater still hungry for more, and I had the popcorn combo (kid's size, I'm on a budget). Bond needs to hang with "Borne" in the future. Sneaking away with my hard earned cash, mission accomplished.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Yes We Can Can!" -Can Food Drive

For those fortunate to have a place to eat, be comfortable and social w/friends and family, please take some time out to think of others whom are in need of food during the holidays season. If possible, for ALL events listed in this posting
"Lets' Talk Turkey!"
We would more than appreciate it if you brought a canned item of food to donate to a great community cause, Thanks in advance.
-the Minority Report

"Here Come The Pain!" -Video Release Party

Tonight a gang of folks are heading over to Rehab, (no it's not what you think) to show support for Roc Raida's newest video release titled "Lotta Pain" feating some ol' school favs like Sadat X (of Brand Nubians) and Diamond D (Diggin in The Crates fame). I suggest early arrival on this one, only cause older Hip-Hop heads have a curfew and will pack the place out fast! Lol!

Rehab -25 Ave. B
21+ w/ID

"Let's Talk Turkey!" (Pylmouth) Rock Solid Party Plans

Okay, I know how important your weekends are to you so I know your holiday weekends are even MORE dear to you than that. So I taken it upon myself to give you a clear cut run down of all good things happening that you can impress your visiting family members with while they're in town, so they can think you're still the cool one (lol).

Wed Nov.26th (Thanksgiving Eve)
the INN
(the NEW "Cheers")
Corner of 9th Ave. & W. 12th St.
After work 6pm-until
Music by Dj Trauma
GREAT food served!
Free admission w/RSVP
$5 w/out

Then later on...
Wed Nov.26th
(Thanksgiving Eve)
368 Atlantic Ave. near Bond
Music by the Ahficionados & DJ Danielle
Gift bags & Drink Specials
Hosted by the Minority Report

For those of you whom are "displaced" this year IE. too broke to go home, have no one visiting you family wise, or simply looking to meet & eat w/new friends, then join us for
"A Pot Luck, Charlie Brown Like Thanksgiving!" in Brooklyn
Must bring a dish & or beverage (alcoholic or non)
Contact to rsvp & confirm attendance.

Fri. Nov. 28th
Tamboril -527 Myrtle Ave. near Grand St.
FREE! Admission
Music by
Music by the Ahficionados
Hosted by the Minority Report, Guts, & Daoud (of Coup D'etat BK)

Sat. Nov.29th
"Journey" -
A House & Afro-Funk musical ride!
Santos Party House -100 Lafayette Street (btwn Walker & White Streets)
Admission $10
Music by DJ Spinna
Put On Your Dancing Shoes & `Release Yourself...
*{{{ R.I.P. MIRIAM MAKEBA }}}*

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Ready, Will(ing) And Able!" -the Gift of Smith

Honestly, when I first glanced at this poster on the subway I thought
"Damn! Will's in ANOTHER Men In Black movie? Hollywood just loves giving this brother money huh?" Samuel Jackson and him must have a secret bet on who can be in the most films in one year!" Go on you can admit it, you was thinking that too right? Right!? Yeah, I thought so.

"Inn Good Company" -Come Chill Before & After the Show

I'm more than certain that you heard that this was going down tonight right? No? Well you need to stay in touch with me more often, you'll be missing out on mad stuff like this if not. If you haven't rsvp'd yet, getting in is pretty much a dead issue homie. But fret not, I have a "Plan B" for those that won't be apply to get in due to closed list and non-listed names...the Inn! It's but 4 blocks down from the venue the show is at, AND they serve food! GOOD food! Plus DJ Trauma spins upstairs there...Dope!

"the Inn" the NEW Cheers
Corner of 9th Ave. & W. 12th St.
Free admission
Food & Drinks served
Music by DJ Trauma
Hosted by Soundproof Intl., the Minority Report, Chandon

"One Mic? Nah, Just One Peace." -Gallery Showing

Finally the art world is claiming their rightful place back into the attention it deserves! Tonight is a special treat for art lovers over at the Gallery Bar on the Lower East Side. Not only are Concep and Pesu teaming up to paint live, but Om Mas of SA-RA (the production team behind Erykah Badu's latest release) will be manning the wheels of steel at this event. You just need to be there.

Wed. Nov.19th

"One Peace"
Gallery Bar -120 Orchard St.
7pm-until whenever
Drink Specials 7pm-9pm
Free admission (must be 21+)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.111)

Seems like artist went from painting live at parties to hosting their own events over night huh?! However this one was powered by the almighty Coup D'etat Art Collective, last Friday at SlyArt vs Robot City (near Canal). I hit the spot about 9ish, and it was beyond packed up in that bitch, to be such a wide open space. Alot of the supporting art scene came out to show support which added to the rain forest type heat circulating in the spot (lol). The artist made great use of the wall space to display their various works of art in as many sizes as there were pieces. Judging from the amount of familiar faces I saw, I swore I was STILL in Brooklyn for a (very) hot minute. But honestly where CAN you go and Brooklyn to run the joint? Peep the cameo return appearance of Sallomazing in the pics below...word!

"Check Out My NEW Melody!" -The God MC Rakim Returns

ANYBODY who claims to be a fan of Hip Hop (even a casual fan) bests be prepared for a good lashing if that don't know just WHO this MC is! Lyrically before this time Rakim returns to the present to see if Hip Hop has either caught up or surpassed him. Not only will he be releasing a new body of work, he's also performing at the well known Times Square venue B.B. King's tomorrow!

Thurs. Nov. 19th
-"the Seventh Seal tour"
BB King's -237 W.42nd St. near 8th ave.
Doors @ 7PM
$30.00 Advance
$35.00 Day of Show

"Ain't Nobody Worried!" -Anthony Hamilton Return To NYC

I'm a BIG Anthony Hamilton fan if you didn't know that about me already. I've seen the brother a total of 3 times in concert and I STILL play his first (commercial) CD on repeat on a weekly basis. Good news if you're a fan like I'am, not only does he have a show TOMORROW in the city, his also droppeing a NEW CD next month folks. Dec. 16th to be exact, titled "The Point of It All." I hear yet to hear one single off of it yet, but it's already bought as far as I'm concerned.

Anthony Hamilton live
Blender Theater -E.23rd near Park Ave.
Doors open 7:30
Admission is $42-$47

Monday, November 17, 2008

"Can't Spell Love W/out L..." New LMac (I Hope...)

The future is FINALLY here! First a Black President, and now may get to see the same technology in "the Minority Report" films in our home/office. I'm not super shocked by this cause it's been rumored to br floating around for years that the desk top would be moving towards this direction. After the iPhone, now everybody's looking to keep in "touch." Trust me I know flat screen touch T.V.'s are next. Remember I said it first.

Friday, November 14, 2008

"Kane Is Able" -20th Anniversary Tonight!

You KNOW you're showing your age when one of your favorite rapper has been in the game longer than any relation-
ship you've ever had! It's been 20 whole years since Big Daddy Kane first told cats to "Come get some, ya little bum..." and there ain't been no "Half steppin" since. Join the masses to help celebrate a living legend of this dying art form called "lyrical rap." Long live the Kane!

Fri. Nov.14th
Big Daddy Kane Anniversary Show
BB King - 237 W. 42 ST. 7th & 8th Ave.
Standing Room
Doors @ 8pm
Show starts 9pm
$30 gen Admission
$50 VIP

"Picking Up the Pieces" -HUGE Sample Sale!

My bad on posting this so late in the game but hey, I'm just now getting this myself so. If you're a follower or fan of fashion, this isn't a hard sale (pun intended). Just take a gander at the names listed on the attached flier and you'll understand how serious this is gonna be.

Sample Sale
the News -495 Broadway
5th flr.
Ca$h & Card$ are accepted

"The (He)Art of the (Robot) City!"-

Tonight, my friends, all roads lead to the Robot City! Cause that's where Coup D'etat Art collective will be playing host to there BIGGEST artist viewing yet! As well as a re-screening of the highly buzzed about indie film about a day in the life in Brooklyn "Shades of Brooklyn" Vol. 1 produced by Sunshowah films. The line up of artist featured are incredible; One9, Concep, Livingroom Johnston, Alexandra Cepedes, and Ellis G. Besides all that, free giveaways will be handed out to the lucky attendees present. Add DJ's Moni, Soul, and Tahleim into the mix (pun intended) and you have yourself a GOOD Friday night event folks. Blog ya later!

Fri. Nov.14th
"Coup D'etat BK Art"
SlyArt vs Robot City
-425 Broadway near Canal
Art exhibit 7:00
Film screen 9:30
After party 10:30-2:00am
$10 donation @ the door

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.110)

Fashionista? Stylist? Trend forecaster? Whatever you've decided to title yourself now, you need to step in up a notch homie! Tiara Chameleon been residing in NY (BK, of course...) all of 6 months and already she's making a name for herself. Besides being a regular on newest site and modeling/assisting for Butch Diva, plus featured model for "Sew Far, Soul Good!" along with NJV model for "Rock the Block BK" this Summer (whew) she's held her own fashion show (w/items straight from her closet!) at Frank White this past Sunday (co-hosted by Sharri). Can you say "focused?" In attendance to show support were, the Retro Kidz, Not Just Vintage, Butch Diva, the Stylistic Agency, 77Klash, Brooklyn Circus boys, and the Rugby staff. Okay so what's next "T-Pain in my ass?" MTV? Right!?

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"