Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Get Into The Party!" -When I Fly, YOU Fly, We Fly TOGETHER!

Hey kids, remember about two years back when the Block Association took over Target's First Saturday event at the Bklyn Museum of Art's backyard with a WICKED 80's music tribute that had Twitter on fire for three days straight?!? It was THEE biggest turnout for a 1st Saturday EVER! No bull$#it! This is coming from the horse's (well the program director's) mouth, that we made that happen thanks to heavy heavy promotion we did AND the fact of it being the July 4th weekend did play a major part too (LOL). Anyways I'm pleased to say that  co-founder of the soon to be legendary Block Boys, Frei Speech will be taking over the museum once AGAIN! This time with our favorite female DJ Jasmine Solano will be in the building helping destroy the dance floor with him! So you KNOW where this is going right?!? YES the Block WILL be in invading your favorite people watching, once a month, summer time high event Target's First Saturday THIS SATURDAY!

Wow, what an AMAZING year this guy has had so far! An it's ONLY June folks! The man I'm speaking of is none other than motherf**kin' DJ Trauma of the Block Association, Soundproof Int. Alador & Smith, AND the High Flyers Club! Yeah he's part of all those cliques AND he's working to become to be the OFFICIAL DJ of Hennessy & the Brooklyn Nets (fingers crossed)! Yep ya heard right, he's claiming that title and Barclay's not even open yet...DJ Trauma is 'bout to have stadium status! LOL! Anyways I'm sharing all this to say MONDAY JUNE 4th we're getting together and inviting you to toast our brother and great friend on his actual b'day PRIM & PROPER dinner style. Here's to hoping you can make it...

"PRIM & PROPER" -B'day Edition
@Veranda -130 7th Ave. near W.10th St.
Music by the b'day boy DJ TRAUMA
w/special guests DJ Goldfinger, DJ Erick La Peau, 
DJ Chuck Barret, & Block Boy Frei Speech
Hosted by Silky Valente' & Tali Gore
Dress code is dinner wear / after work attire
Admission is w/RSVP only @
Follow him @DJTRAUMANYC & @TheBlockAssoc

Now I know this is a ways off but we'll (the Block Association that is) have maybe one last event in the middle of June (probably a rooftop/brunch or something) before we present our historically HUGE anniversary event titled "CREW LOVE" this year! We're rounding up so SPECIAL GUEST host(s) & have secured one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL & spacious venue in NYC to accommodate the large turnout we'll be expecting on the eve of July 4th which is TUESDAY JULY 3RD night (jot that down like NOW!) Also in the works is a "house party" slash "find a space on the wall to grind" style 1st Saturday Bklyn Museum after party SATURDAY JULY 7TH as part of a two anniversary celebration. But here's the preview image posted below for it...Enjoy EVERYTHING!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt. 284)

I originally WAS gonna break this post up into two parts but MANNNN I got so much other other new pics to post I said awww f**k it, I'll just give 'em the goods all at ONE TIME! And it's ALOT folks! Why cause Pranna last Sunday for the Memorial Day weekend event T.R.O.Y. was packed at 11:30! THAT's why! I knew from the RSVP's alone this was going be a winner but didn't predict it to be so nutso SO early. I guess saving that $20 by RSVP list REALLY works huh? Yo asses got there on time for once! LOL.  But the Block Association & BlackLight Entertainment DID NOT disappoint right? DJ Trauma was absent (but he's making up for it this coming Monday: flier details below pics) so DJ Goldfinger stepped in to chalk out all the dance floor he mudered! HAHAHAHA With the assist of Soundproof's / Block Boy Silky Valente' doing mic duties it made for a ALMOST perfect night. What would have made it perfect woulda been if I got at least ONE more drink outta the damn 6 bottles we ordered! SMMFDH! Anywho, we're are cleaning up something NICE for our brother DJ TRAUMA's b'day bash THIS MONDAY (June 4th) folks at the very so classy Veranda from 6-12pm so please feel free to hang out with us Prim & Proper dinner style:

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"