Thursday, February 14, 2008

"Love Is Like A Mix Tape" -Happy St. V-day

Seriously... Just think about that. Love, just like a mix tape, sometimes can come unraveled. Things can often move in fast-forward or reverse. And one can feel like they're being played, till they pop. Seems like every St. Valentine's Day the pressure's on to be loved or be left alone. Break it or fake it, I always say. But in all fairness, when love IS good you do silly things for your "boo" like make Slow Jam mix tapes. I know I've done it, and trust me it's okay to admit that you've done it too. So for this V-day I took it back old school and pieced together some joints that helped me "round the bases" so to speak, back in the day. Not that I ever needed help, but it never hurt to have some "mood music" playing in the background. Am I right ladies? Call me, the numbers still the same...please.

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"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"