Friday, February 15, 2008

"...And Now Word From Our Sponsor"-heaVy's ad for TONIGHT!

I gotta say man, I love being around creative folks. Which is sort of the point of why we're even having this event TONIGHT. We're filling the room with young like-minded people looking to make much needed waves in society's shallow waters. If you can't swim then don't even put on yo trunks man. Here's a lil'sumthing "Darling" Nicky from the band heaVy filmed as a reminder to you (and as you'll see, herself mostly too) for the festivities that await later on. BTW did you RSVP?
Shame if you didn't. Okay, dim lights and roll film.

Y U ❤ M E

(@ Loft 406 -925 Bergen St. bet Franklin & Classon)
Saturday, Feb. 16th

Gallery Showing by CRYSTAL CLARITY

Music provided by
the Minority Report
(Old' School / New School Session)
DJ Charlie Brown
(Spinning crowd favorites)

❤Live Performance by H E A V Y

Dress Like you own the joint (a tie or heels would be nice ;)
❤ Complimentary drinks to the lucky chosen few
Admission $10 w/rsvp names + guest # to:

Stylist ❤ Photogs ❤ Models ❤ Fashionistas Unite

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