Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"Get Into The Party Life" -All Of The Lights! 4th of July Holiday Wknd Planner

Yeah, yet another holiday weekend is coming upon us so OF COURSE folks are counting on lil' ol' me to put them on to the hip happenings around this town. Not that I mind, but that's alotta f**kin' pressure mannnn! Cause people are count on YOU to get their weekend POPPIN'! But again...never I mind. Okay, as usual I'll break it down day by day of places yo ass needs to be.

Friday July 1st
"the Class Reunion" -Dinner & Dance party
Luke's Place -277 Cumberland St. (corner of Lafayette St.)
Music by the Ahficionados, DJ Al Most Famous
Bkyln's elite and a collective of fashionable folks
Admission "FREE like Frei" all night
Food & drinks served till late.
Wanna celebrate a b'day w/ a dinner party?
contact us at w/amount of guest

Sat. July 2nd (1st Sat.)
"Target's First Saturday" -Dance Party
Brooklyn Museum of Art -Beaux Arts Court
Outdoor parking lot located behind the Museum .
8pm -10pm
Hosted by Freedom Dance Party
Music by DJ Cosi, Herbert Holler and Marc Smooth
After-Party at Brooklyn Bowl, tickets $10, 11:30PM

Sunday JULY 3rd
"Sundae for Sundays"
Vodou Lounge -
corner of Halsey St & Nostrand Ave
Music by the Ahficionados

FREE admission all night

"the Def Star" -July 3rd Holiday Party
Luke's Place -277 Cumberland St. corner of Lafayette
FREE admission
Dress summer time appropriately mature!
Music by the Endangered Species

(OR heading to the city...)

"United City" -An Exclusive Night In The City
Hosted By A Cast Of NYC'S Influential Event Producers
@THE EMPIRE ROOM -350 5th Avenue NY,NY
Music by DJ Goldfinger, DJ Norie,
DJ LA Luv, DJ K Black
EVERYONE on the guestlist FREE till 1am
Full names +guest # subject :United
Admission $20
Doors 10pm

Monday July 4th
"Touch the Sky" -Private Roof Top BBQ party
CAN'T leak this one but if you DO know someone involved contact them for the list ASAP!
Fireworks 9:30 sharp!
Free admission!
Hosted by the Block Association, the Influence Series
Music by the Ahficionados, DJ CEO, DJ Trauma, DJ Al Most Famous
Attire: Hamptons style/Martha's Vineyard wknd look


Friday, July 8th -the Kindred listening party
In BROOKLYN! YEAH BK! @ Luke's Place

"Video Music Blogs" -Frank & Drake Make New Videos!

Now I'm no (Uncle) Ralph McDaniels, "the Vid Kid", or even Tuffy for that matter, BUT however I do appreciate posting a good video from time to time, of some of my currently favorite artist. So pardon the lateness if you've seen these already, I've been busy doing other things with LIVING for instance! LOL!

"No Court For Ol' Men!" -The Block Asssiociation's Basketball CHALLENGE!

Heads up: If you ever drive by that park over by the BQE right off of Atlantic Ave. & Columbia St. on a Sunday, and you happen to peep some mid-to late thirty something guys trying to re-capture their youthful "hoop dreams" Then yeah, THAT would be this crew of misplace African Americans in an all white neighbor taking over that community parks' half court. At first I thought it was to raise awareness of adulthood obesity, but the TRUE story was that cats was talking trash started by Keith "I pick things up & put them down" Major and Lyshaan "I'm 10 mins. away but REALLY am 1 1/2 hrs" Hall after the NBA Finals upset, and challenged each other to a "friendly" game of round ball. Everyone else got dragged into it. So since I never dribbled besides in my sleep, I took pics and made a quick video of the kids doing what we do best, making a fool of each other! LOL

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Hotel, Motel, Holiday Innnn..." -Yet Another Influence Series 3.0 Trailer

If you are SERIOUS about upgrading your social life then I can't understand for the life of me WHY haven't I seen you at at least ONE of these Monday evening soirees' called "the Influence Series 3.0" held at the very sexy TriBeca/SoHo Grand Hotel. Curated by Micheal Mancini and DJ CEO, this ongoing event is shaping up to be THEE premiere networking location in all of NYC! Here's some footage I shot last Monday to give you a better idea to the scene set by these pioneering gentlemen, so you know that they ain't buls**ting!

Oh you need MORE proof? BONG! There ya go...

Friday, June 24, 2011

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.256)

Okay folks, listen to THIS story! So the other day I get an anonymous text (never saved the name I think) from someone requesting my availability to shoot for a private b'day dinner that a female friend of said texter was having. I replied back "Sounds like an plan, and HOW much $!" not thinking of asking "Ummm, who is this exactly?" So the date comes up, and this time I get a phone call from the same person, calling to confirm if I was still up for taking photos. And even then though the voice sounded familiar, I was too embarrassed to revel that I didn't know WHO the f**k I was speaking too! LOL! But however what peaked my interest (besides the $) was that they mention that the location to show up was a pawn shop in front that had a door in back reveling a high end restaurant behind that door. WHAAAAT!?! Fast forward now, while hanging out w/ my Block (Association) brothers DJ Trauma, Lyshaan Hall, and songtress Malene Younglao, I mentioned that I HAVE to stop by this spot to fulfill a photo obligation and that they could tag along, not know WTF I was walking into. We get there, then I realized...I have NO clue WHO THE HELL am I supposed to be looking for! Texted the anonymous dude back to get a name and then proceeded to flag a waiter down for help finding them. So long story short, what you see below is the who, what, & where, we all end up at. Along with the WHY? Happy B'day Lande! Hope you enjoy the pics!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Get Into The Party Life" -It's A Party, It's A Party, It's A Party!!!

I don't have to tell you (socialite) folks that it's been a BUSY week! Especially with all the draft stuff going on in town. Well stack up on No-Doz & Red Bull (& rum lol) cause the weekend it's not letting up either! There TONS of stuff going down and I'm here to put you on! Cool? Cool! Okay, you got...

Wed. June 22nd
"Baby I'm A Star!"
Autumn Marie's (Diggiwax) B'day
@Gold Bar -398 Broome St.
Music by DJ CEO, DJ Kiss, DJ M.O.S. & DJ Parler

Thurs. June 23rd
"Baller's Brand NBA Draft Classics"
@ Hiro Ballroom - 9th Ave. betwn. 17th & 18th St.
10pm SHARP!
Music by DJ S&S
Hosted by Anton Marchand, Dante Simpson,
& Anthony Doran
Semi-Formal attire a must

Fri. June 24th
"the Class Reunion" -Weekly Friday Party
@ Luke's Place -277 Cumberland St. corner of Lafayette
Hosted by the FAM!
Music by DJ Al Most Famous, & the Ahficionados
FREE admission all night
Dinner served till 12:30am
Dress for the fashion set!

Saturday, June 25th
"Fort Greene Festival" -feat. Mos Def
12 noon -10pm
Hosted by Rosie Perez & Michaela Angela Davis
FREE admission all day
Live music by
Res, Sofia Urista, Game Rebellion, Navegante, Lifted Crew, Mariella, Jenna Andrews, & Paper Doll & more...

the Minority Report after party is at...
@Luke's Place -277 Cumberland St. corner of Lafayette
one block away from Ft. Greene Park!

Sun. June 26th
"Sundae fir Sundays"
@Vodou Lounge - Corner of Halsey St. & Nostrand Ave.
B'day celebration for Keith Henderson
& small Satellite West reunion/get together!
Music by the Ahficionados
Free Admission to all

"Push It Along!"- Tribe Trailer & Poster Art

Within the last two months the Ft. Greene Fest has featured 2/3's (Q-Tip & Ali Shaheed) of one of THEE most influential groups to ever come out of Hip-Hop...A Tribe Called Quest! But very few ever knew about the internal feuding that lead to the demise of the group. This is where this film comes in. Actor now director Micheal Rapport explores/exploits the "who, what, when & how" this beloved group took a downward spiral in their relationship with each other. Hopefully this will have a happy REAL life though.

Monday, June 20, 2011

"Made You Look...Again!" -Artful Dodgers' Organized Chaos Musical Mash Up!

Ok you got Game Rebellion, Navegante', Ninjasonik, Oxymoron, Roxy, Hank & Cupcakes, the ENTIRE Artful Dodger staff, and about 200 hungry eager music fans and you have the ingredients for a quite riot! Well that was the scene last week at Lit Lounge for A.D.'s "When Worlds Collide!" musical mash-up! It was hot like "the Devil on summer vacation down in Arizona" type heat up in there, but folks (literally) sweated it out and endured the "Easy Bake Oven" temperatures. Here the highly awaited picture AND video (yep!) set to Nas' hit song "Made You Look" Peep it, Like it, and Spread it! S/O to Just C. and Solo (lead video girl)

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"