Saturday, February 2, 2008

"On Another Note..." - h e a V y

Awhile back when working for the "Circus," I had received a CD full of songs from this funky dressed couple that use to frequently visit the store. Now I get CD's on the regular from hopeful, aspiring musicians looking to build their fan base all the time, and not even half are good. So when I gave a listen to the duo's music I was surprised that not only was it was "heaVy!" I had the CD on repeat so much, that I knew the lyrics by the next day. To best describe it would be, very melodic, up-tempo, spunky funky, retro-futuristic pop. Or simply put "Sassy Spunk Funk."
I had a whole 'nother level of respect for these guys, It was just that DOPE. Fast forward four months later, while promoting for a night in a lounge in the city (Mannahatta), I invite them to perform songs off their newest release "Jazz Money$$" (mind you, having never seen their show.) WHAM! I got mind-blown again, by not only the RSVP's leading up to the show, but by the SHOW itself . KILLER set. To my friends, you would've sworn I shared a winning lottery ticket with them. Back pats and high-fives all night. So my friend I say to you, make it your business to purchase a CD whenever the opportunity presents itself. Better yet run see them live* if you can.
It's heavy, but worth carrying the load.
*Sat. Feb. 16th heaVy performs at a loft event presented by
Minority Report

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