Sunday, February 24, 2008

"Hell's Kitchen"-Colonel Sanders Chickens Out

It has recently come to attention of the Minority Report that the beloved founder and iconic figurehead of KFC, was discovered to be a former
slave owner at one time. Yes, spicy and mild "dark meat" indeed.
While residing in Kentucky for over 85 yrs. it was said that he owned up to 13 some odd slaves (I'm guessing one for each herb and spice in his secret recipe) on his sprawling plantation and large chicken farm, said to be the biggest in the region at that time. However what's even more surprising about this revelation it that two of his closest
"house servants" were none other than the real-life advertising mascots "Uncle Ben" and "Aunt Jemima!"
Deep like fish grease, right!?!
Descendants of the Ben and Jemima, have publicly made claims that the good Colonel stole & sold their family's cookbook to industry giants for undisclosed millions, and are now seeking to sue the greedy
chicken corporation.
*Side note
: Man, can you just imagine meals at that house?
Early morning breakfast with "Auntie" cooking up her now famous flapjacks topped with her warm homemade syrup, then BAM, dinner comes and you've got the Colonels 3 course cuisine
(Biscuit, mash w/gravy, and spicy chicken) and "Uncle's" rice
staring up from the plate at you. Damn, I just made myself hungry.
As this story further unfolds like a dinner napkin, I'll keep you
"a breast"
of things...or at least a thigh. (Lol)


Nikki said...

Wow, very interesting....I am still baffled by uncle ben and aunt jemima, lol! I would have NEVER guessed. loving the blogs, keep up the good work:)

Hakeem said...

Hahahahaha...yo you're retarded, no seriously though thats pretty messed up, with all the black business they get at KFC. You know what I wonder though, if this story made headline news and everyone found out, how many people (black or white) would actually stop eating at KFC?

Anonymous said...

You really had me and my husband going but, thank God for intelligence to research. For all you other people who listened to this crap just know that Colonel Sanders was born in 1890, 27 yrs after slavery was abolished so how could he possibly be a slave owner??? Check his bio on wikipedia and stop listening to everything people say to create racist confustion amoung our black people. Research before you assume. You know what they say about assuming,"It makes an "ass" our of "u" and "me". Intelligent Sistah

Josh Cato said...
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Anonymous said...

Okay I'm not hating, but I find this "evidence" to be very false and offensive. Dude, Uncle Ben???? You have to be joking. I know what happened because my great great grandmother was a slave that used to cater for the greedy bastard and he took the recipe and ran with it. He set up restaurants and set up a restaurant for his wife Claudia Sanders in Kentucky. Her name was Sarah Coleman I'm not very aware of her slave name, but if you're going to research on something get it right bro. I got actual DOCUMENTS, signatures, and actual recipes to back me up.

Anonymous said...

Whats the true story i would love to be educated more on this topic

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