Monday, February 11, 2008

"Gram Crackers" -the Grammy Show review

Normally I don't make it my business to be home on the night
the Grammy Awards
air, but this year quite a few artist that I follow where scheduled to appear and perform on the program. Then word got around that the Time (one of my all-time favorite groups) were to reunite on the show. So that pretty much sealed it for me to tune in last night. And I gotta say man, Best...Show...Ever! They pulled out all the stops for their 50th Anniversary, and it paid off. Great music equals a great show, bottom line. Aretha, Alicia, Beyonce', the Beatles, Daft Punk, Frank Sinatra, the Foo Fighters, Kanye, John Legend, John Meyer, Tina, Rihanna...I could go on but you pretty much get the point.
Oh you gonna start playing the music on me huh?!?
Well finally you recognize the blog that should be the winner, that's reward enough. Good night!

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