Friday, February 1, 2008

"Cool It Now..." -Feb.2rd Lupe Fiasco @ Nokia Theater

...You Better slow it down." Was the 1st song that popped in my head when I recently went on-line to peep the ticket prices for Mr. "Cool's" concert tomorrow at the Nokia Theater
(Times Square).
At $165-$200 bucks a ticket...each, homey better have EVERY rapper that guest appeared on his album performing with him, AND invite me backstage to share his left-over "groupie luv!"
Sad thing about it is, I had offered to take my homeless cousin (a HUGE Lupe fan) who's sick from cancer, with the bum leg to the show as a dying wish. (Hope you're reading this Lupe.)
But unfortunately, the kid don't have "Superstar" money like that. Guess you'll have to YouTube it baby, I tried. Seriously though, how and when the (F word) did STANDING ROOM ONLY prices for a small room concert get so (F word) high?
Tell me something...He has Prince as his backing band?
He's gonna bring Obama out and do that Soulja Boy dance?
What?!? Guess I'll wait till he's FREE at Summer Stage like the rest of yall. Not cool man. Not cool at all.

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