Friday, February 15, 2008

"A & B Conversation"-Aretha's Open Letter to Beyonce'

Every year the Grammys are never short on controversy, and this year was no different.
During what was meant to be a loving tribute to music legend Tina Turner, Beyonce' who announced her to the stage made the unexcusable mistake of adding the word "Queen" to Tina's title. Uh oh! I even cringed when Bey said it, she had just put her stiletto shoe in her award winning mouth. Of course, the media was quick to jump all over this one. Here's the open letter Aretha wrote to "Mrs. S. Carter" exclusively and anonymously acquired by
the Minority Report
. Read along:

Dear Ms. Knowles,
I first would like to say that I think that you are a wonderfully talented and beautiful young lady, deserving of all that God has blessed you with. You are without a doubt truly gifted. However, wise you apparently are not. I'm not aware of how long you've been in this industry, I'm guessing 5 yrs. tops. And you've ONLY recorded two solo albums, not to take anything away from you. But seriously girl, you better "THINK", think about what you tried to do to me. There "Ain't no way" you didn't know that "Queen" solely belongs to me. You even yelled out to me backstage like "Hey Queen!" "What's the Queen wearing tonight?" "I can't believe I'm meeting the Queen!" So don't act like you ain't know girl. Then to turn around and call out sister girl Tina like that!? I damn near ran out on stage to "Ike Turner" you on live TV! Where's the R-E-S-P-E-C-T?
She's a queen in her own right but not THEE Queen! Feel me?
Just last week I was riding on the freeway in my pink cadillac "Rock ('n) Steady" to your music, saying to my friend "That Beyonce is my sh*t!" Now... you just on my sh*t list. If you want to get together to straighten this whole mess out just "Call Me." Clive has my numbers. Besides I have an album I'm working and may need a collabo...
so let's work this thing on out! Kisses
Sincerely Yours, the "REAL" Queen
Aretha "Ree Ree" Franklin

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