Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"New Year, New Money...Let's Get It!"- Happy New Year Folks

Huh? I don't remember snow being in the forecast, but don't think that's gonna stop me from bringing in the New Year. "Snow what!" Is how I see things. If you're late to getting around to deciding just where to spend I'll post some spots to head out to one last time for this year. Get it...this year? Well anywho, get your PDA phone thingy out and jot this stuff down. Okay (drum roll) here's the Minority Report's NYE taste maker's choice events.

"New Jack Swing" @ Tamboril 527 Myrtle ave. near Grand St.
hosted by HeaVy, Not Just Vintage, Butch Diva, Print, the Stylistics Agency, GUTS, the Minority Report, 718 Bodega, Swagger360, & Keith (MSG enterprises)
Advance tix at $20, $40, $50, see for tix info.

"New Year, New Attitude! @ Deity-368 Atlantic Ave. near Bond st.
Advance tix admission $40 $50 $90 $100
After hours party 3am - 6am w/ Dj Uncle Mike
$30 Cover at Door

"Punk-N-Paint Ball"
-@ Sly Art vs Robot City -425 B'way near Canal
9pm-3am /10-11pm Open Bar
Advance tix start $50, $60 at door
Game Rebellion and Izza Kizza show live.

" '09 IS MINE !!!"
-@ the LOFT -13 Lexington Ave, Brooklyn
2nd floor
Doors open 8pm – till
Special performances by: RES & RAYE6
Advance ticketing thru $30 for singles, $50 for couples & $75 at the door, so purchase your tickets NOW!

"And The Envelope Please..." -the Minority Players Who Became Major In '08!

So folks as the years closes and we quickly approach the New Year (which we'll be celebrating at Tamboril "New Jack Swing" btw) I figured it was about the best time to reflect on the folks who had a hand in some shape or form in molding the very blog you're reading now. You may or may not have seen them on here before, but trust me, their a intricate part of the process. Cogs in the machine. So without further ado, I present the first annual Minority Report On-Line Awards (Pt.1)

"Favorite Little Person of the Year" -"Big Z"
Zia hands down has a better social life than half the grown folks I know and a personality twice her size. If kids could get their own reality show then she's the next star. Daughter to Zebi of Born As A Raggamuffin, but gets adopted by EVERYONE she meets.

"Favorite DJ At A Red Carpet Event" -DJ D-Nice
YES, he's the SAME D-Nice from Boogie Down Productions fame. And YES, he's the same that recently married that actress from "Soul Food," "Birdie" I think...
Anyways I've known the brother for quite some time now and I still get happy to see him behind the DJ booth (no homo) lol.

"Favorite Power Couple
-Patty Laurent
& Chef Lowe,
Rasu & Renae

When they move together, they MOVE together. When somebody tries to tell you "Black love" is a thing of the past, tell'em you've just seen the future.

"Favorite Couple That NEVER Was"- Bryce Wilson & Sallomazing!
It was LOVE at first glance...well at least for one of them. LOL! Sallomazing(!) got to cross of one more thing on her "bucket list" this Summer, when by chance at D-Nice's annual B'day function, I introduced the two amongst the crowd of well wishers. Mainly to get her outta my damn ear. LMAO.

"Favorite On Stage Energy" -heaVy
While we're on couples, have you EVER been to a heaVy show? Sticky N-ikki & Casey bring the "heat" each and every time I've seen them touch the stage! Weather it's a small ass platform or NO stage at all, they rock the way REAL are suppose to. And did I mention they'll be hosting "New Jack Swing" @ Tamboril for New Year's Eve? No? Well there...I just did.

"Favorite Solo Female Artist Stage Energy" -Raye6
The flower pedals, the bubbles, the girl-on-girl action, and those outfits! Before this girl even opens her mouth, you're drawn in my her stage presence only! So when she DOES sing, It all makes PERFECT sense.

"Favorite Brooklyn Import/Export" -Fly Lady Di
Dancer, artist, socialite, fashionista, cup-cake her what you like, "Too Fly Di" was all over the place this year! I couldn't open a magazine and NOT see her face in it. If you ever find yourself in class and the teach calls on you and asks "What's our biggest import from Canada?" Don't be afraid to say her name. It's ONLY been a week since she left, and already Brooklyn's a lil' less "fly" without her here. ;(

"Favorite Harlem Shorty Turned BK Honey"
-Stephanie O'Conner
Of all places to be from, Wyoming is her "original" home town (yeah go figure) THEN Harlem came second. But as the saying goes "the third times the charm." And you must admit Brooklyn IS charming right? Only in BK for maybe three months tops, and she knows more neighbors than me! And I'm sure they all wanna borrow some sugar...yeah right!

"Favorite Summer Stop Through" -Harriet's Alter Ego
This spot had more things happening culturally between it's four walls (and backyard space) than most bigger venues around New York. At one time it seemed like EVER other weekend Ngozi had something poppin' off there. Folks that never been, at one point thought it was a club LOL. Nah just my "Ego"

That's part one for now so stay tuned for more after these brief messages....

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"Flashing Lights" Paparazzi Pics (Pt.120)

Yeah I'm late on this one by a week, but I've decided to post it anyway cause basically it's no use wasting the footage. And I'm thinking "Hey, SOMEBODY may be interested in seeing it right?" Well,here's some of the performances for the Okayplayer /Frank 151 Holiday Jam last week (@ B.B. King). Sorry I have NO footage of the Jim Jones fight out front, but I don't think that'll be hard for you to find. Google it or something. Here' what ya missed.

"Last Call For Alcohol!" -One More NYE Event In BK

What's up good people of Brooklyn, and all over the world by the way! It's shaping up to be a real festival end of the year judging by the sheer amount of New Year's Eve events that are spring up all over town. Well here yet another one that came up on my radar, that I think you may enjoy.
Not only will it be an Eve party it will serve as a B'day celebration as well!

Wed. Dec 31st
White Gold,Good Sex Ent, Lyricist Lounge & LoftBoys Media present:

" '09 IS MINE !!!"
the LOFT -13 Lexington Ave, Brooklyn
2nd floor
Doors open 8pm – till
Special performances by: RES & RAYE6
Advance ticketing thru $30 for singles, $50 for couples & $75 at the door, so purchase your tickets NOW!
FREE Champagne toast
Catered by Needed Treats
Bottle service available
B' Day celebration for Dedan Kasimu, & Danny Castro

"Lend A Helping (Hip Hop) Hand" -Live Show & Fundraiser

See, now who says Hip Hop can't be helpful huh? Charlie Chick has spearheaded a non-profit organization in hopes to support and educate others about the prevention of HIV/AIDS through a grass roots soccer documentary. And to do so she told me to invite you all out for a live performance by days most buzzed about upcoming artist. Yet it's a bit early to be telling you about this but, the date will be here in no time so "save the date" NOW! Come join the movement!

Sat. Jan. 17th '09
"Hip Hop Helps Live!"
Brothers Jewelery Lounge -914 Bedford Ave. Bklyn
8pm / show starts 9:30
Live Art by Jai Cruz
Live performance by FMos, WordSpit, Laquantum Leap, Johnny B.Goode
Admission free, donations accepted.
Donations will be made to the grass root Soccer Documentary.

Friday, December 26, 2008

"Flashing Lights" -Paprazzi Pics (Pt.119)

Boy do I LOVE a good house! Especially if it has ALL the right elements. Good background music, free drinks and/or food, women who are easy on the eyes, AND can hold a great convo, Plus an element of "drunk flirtatious-ness" (new slang) lingering around the room. I'm there! Last Sat I lucked up on not one, not two, but THREE parties just like that all on the SAME night! After last minute shopping in "Billyburg" with comrades Erica "Eazy-E" & Harry, I linked up 'round 8ish w/Steph "Con 4" O'Conner so we can split a cab to go to a far off land in Brooklyn called Sunset Park (I owe you $ cab Steph, so remind me okay). By some strange coincidence, the house party she had to attend, was like only FOUR block from where I had to go (which was Butch Diva's Tiff crib). Weird huh? Yet MAD convenient. Anyways, Tiara (Chameleon) showed face, along with her Rugby co-workers in tow, and her dearest socialite sis. German "house guest" Destiny, and a couple of new and old faces rounded out the bunch, to make it a nice intimate holiday setting. Midway through, I sneaked off to see the "lay of the land" at this other shindig Steph put me on to. Now that one, was the TOTAL opposite my friend! Lights off, music pumping, bedroom for the coat check, high demand for wall space for slow grinding! A straight hooky party folks! I immediately sent a "kite" to "I'm running late" L.A. (Lyshaan). An got a "I'm in route" response right back. When he finally showed, I headed back and rallied all Tiff's left over guests to head back to the second joint. After closing up shop there, I STILL had to make it over to Fly Lady Di's "going away" house party, to say my goodbyes. Once up stairs inside, I was shocked when I walked in on her "tongue kissing" some random bucket I never saw before...while folks were watching! Before I arrived, rumor was she was getting really intimate with the toliet before "Mr. Bucket" got some face time with her. LOL! If I EVER leave Brooklyn, I'm doing it drunk too (minus the throwing up though)! So without further ado, this is (some of) what I saw.

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"