Monday, February 18, 2008

Brand Fan: "Viva La Brooklyn!"- Coup d'Etat BK

The revolution will NOT be televised! However, it will be printed and worn, from the broken pavement streets of Brooklyn to the cobble stone walk ways of Europe.
Unless you've been walking around the streets of NYC with your eyes shut, I'm certain you've seen the quiet rumbling of a fashion takeover by the brand
Coup d'Etat
BK. From the clothes, to the pop-up shops and heavy sticker campaign and now an on-line store, it appears that their guerilla tactics are starting to pay off. But wait a minute, don't log off and run down to your local urban mall or Jimmy Jazz excepting to cope one of their pieces. It is not that type of party. You are more likely to find CDTBK in smaller retail boutiques and stores, where you need to be shopping instead, if you're a so-called fashionable individual. Put your ear to the streets, cause now the underground is making noise above ground. Breaks over, these guys are the NEW takeover!

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Clarence said...

Much respect to you for covering whats going down! I should've copped my Sweatshirt @ Vault this past weekend but I was on a budget. KEEP IT UP YALL, Peace to Daoud, a real dude.

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