Friday, February 22, 2008

"3000 Light Years Ahead"- Andre's New Clothing Line

I'm pretty sure if you've walked past the news stand lately, you've probably seen the New York Magazine with "LiLo"(Lindsey Lohan) masquerading as Marilyn Monroe on the cover. Well if you flip it on the black hand side, you'll find the poster boy for
"the Ghetto Great Gatsby"
on the back end repping for Men's fashion. In the featured article inside, 'Dre talks on every subject from this newest starring role in "Semi-Pro" co-starring with Will Ferrell, to him mentioning his latest solo effort in Fall. But what you'll find really interesting in the article is that "Benjamin Bixby" his foray into fashion, will be his next form of expression. Hoping to hit store in the Fall of this year around the CD release, he's hoping that this new venture (solely financed by himself) will be just as accepted as his chart topping music. Inspired by the '30's men of leisure's fashion, Andre' is looking to bring guys up to date with their wardrobe. For yoU By yoU this ain't!
Prep style's looking to make a come back, so fresh & oh so clean...nah mean?

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