Monday, February 11, 2008

"You Dropped Obama On Me Baby!"

Looks like Hilary needs to start checking that rear view mirror more often, cause Barack is pulling up to her bummer FAST and CLOSE! While you were browsing in the lanes of Ikea or hosting Grammy parties in your studio apartment in Billyburg, Obama was working hard over the weekend. And it paid off BIG time! It's "Sweeps Week" on that outdated invention we call a TV, and from the look of things his camp and supporters took note. He cleaned up the votes in Louisiana, Nebraska, Maine, and the White House state as well too. It to me seems like there's and renewed fever of energy infecting voters that are starting to believe in the dreams of hope and change that Barack promises. Hopefully the rest of America will catch it. He has "TIME" on his side. FYI, he even won a Grammy last night!
Take that Hil-Bill(y) supporters!

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