Friday, May 28, 2010

"The Rumors Social Club!" -Let's Clears Thing Up A Bit Shall We?

Just the other day, a friend whispered to me that there was some weird rumor going around that the event THIS SUNDAY ("Holiday In") was at quote "Some small Irish pub" unquote. After holding my stomach and folding over with laughter, I answered "HELLLLL NO! You joking right?" It then dawned on me how LOST folks can sometimes be. Without simply asking the source (in this case a Block Association member such as myself), she wasn't gonna come out thinking it was true! We do 300 (! Spartan) plus parties, why would we do an event in a small as pub, let alone invite folks out (at $10 a tix) to one? ANYWAYS, I felt was my unofficial duty to make things officially known. So I'm posting some interior pics of what you should come to expect, if you plan on attending. So others like her are not blindly mislead. LOL it's all good, there's folk that didn't believe in Jesus too. LOL.

"Holiday In" -the Best Memorial Party In Recent Memory
Parlour -247 W. 30th St. (betwn. 7th & 8th ave.)
Music by the Block Heads
(the M Report, Ahficionados, Soundproof Hybrid)
Hosted by Silky Valente'
Admission $10 adv. tix $20 at door
Dress Summer time FRESH!

For advance discounted tix please contact subject/ I'm staying in

"Top Down, Convertible Music" -The "Holiday In" Mix Is FINALLY Done!

Now you CAN'T start the Summer without some hot tunes to bump RIGHT?!? Well have no fear the Block Association got you covered on that. Just in time to kick off the season, the Ahificonados & Soundproof Hybrid (the Block Heads) join forces once again to give you the soundtrack to our upcoming event (this Sun. May 30th) "Holiday In" -A Staycation event. This is that top down, seat back, raspberry lemonade, sun tanning, bike cruising, my momma said, she gonna babysit for the WHOLE weekend type of vibe music! Trust me you gon' love it! You DO have the option to download it HERE too ya know. Enjoy it BOTH ways, have a HAPPY SUMMER! Btw* some adv. tix ($10) are still available so asap hit

Thursday, May 27, 2010

"Thank You,Thank You, You're Far Too Kind!" -Drizzy & Hov "Light Up"

Ummm...Yea, that's the official art work for this Summer's most anticipated album "Thank Me Later", by the world's favorite new rapper Drake. With as many units he's gonna sell of his s#*t, he could've been dressed in a house coat butt naked with tube socks, and it would STILL sale! Why wouldn't it? Especially when folks are download tracks ANYWAYS! Besides SO much of the albums' been leaked, I'm starting to wonder if the cover should've been just a picture of a rusty faucet! LOL! Here's one more track leaked to add to the list. It's the one with none other than H to the O, V to the Iz A. "Light Up" You can thank me later. I do it ALL for you!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Holiday! Celebrate! Come On, Come On!"-A Memorial Weekend To Remember!

YESSIR! We're just days away from the "game changer" of a party called "Holiday In!" Trust me, we put this thang together with your best interest in mind. Cause think, come Sunday folks who are in town (especially w/friends) are gonna start sniffing around to find out WHERE are the good parties happening at. ALL the usual Sunday night weekly events will be both OVER-priced & OVER packed! WHY oh why are you paying $100 or more dollars and that's just to get IN! No bueno dude! So at $10 for adv. tix, at a BRAND NEW (sexy mind you) spot, with 3 DJ sets, and a gorgeous crowd is NOT asking for too too much is it? Thought so! And if it is then...I don't have any words for you sister/mister!

If you're in need of some $10 adv tix...I GOT YOU!
Email to set up drop off for tix asap

Or purchase on-line @

Also these fine Brooklyn based boutiques
the Brooklyn Circus- 150 Nevins Ave. (corner of Bergen St.)
Private Stock -458 Bergen Street (718) 230-0055
LaVedette -43 5th Ave. (718) 638-6090
Pedigree - 45 Willoughby Avenue (718) 355-3010

Sun. May 30th
the Block Association presents
"Holiday In" -the Best Memorial Party In Recent Memory
Parlor -247 W. 30th St. (betwn. 7th & 8th ave.)
Music by the Block Heads
(the M Report, Ahficionados, Soundproof Hybrid)
Hosted by Silky Valente'
Admission $10 adv. tix $20 at door
Dress Summer time FRESH!

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.201)

I gotta say , I LOVE me some Brooklyn man! Between attending fight parties, backyard cook-outs, house parties and such. I feel like my Summer has ALREADY started! You know how Brooklyn gets down right? We can get a BBQ poppin' simply from one mass text, a few well placed phone calls, and an iPod for a DJ, G'damn it! Am I lying? Well anyways here's a few photos from some past joints I've attended that you may (or may not) have been present for (or even heard about for that matter) LOL! Quite as keep, between you and I, the Block Association is planning a good ol' fashion(able) "hooky" party in the VERY near future. What will happen is we'll check the forecast a few days in advance, see which day we'll be getting some SWEET temps, then secretly blast out (via text or private invite on Facebook) the day,the time and place exactly WHERE we'll all be meeting up to cut work and have a "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" type BBQ! How's that sounding to you? Btw, the last two pictures is EXACTLY why I DON'T do gatherings at my house anymore! N*66*s just be violating and going through ya cabinets and cupboards f**kin' with just random shit! You'll be finding s#*t like tampons (unused I hope) in the freezer for no good reason, days after the damn party! Cold blooded! Stuff like doo-doo on your curtains and thangs...That's just WRONG bro!

Monday, May 24, 2010

"You Better Shrekognize!" -Shrek Final Review

First off let me say I'm a big fan of the Shrek series! I think the creativity and attention to details that the Dreamworks team puts into each film is on a level par none. It's one of those rare computer animated film that you really question "Is it REALLY for the kids?" Simply because the jokes are a bit mature. And unless your 3-5 yr old is a well-read scholar in the writing and works of EVERY fairy tale EVER written, I'm not sure they'll FULLY appreciate the inside joke humor! So with that being said, let me get back to the film at hand, which is "the Final Chapter" (yeah right!) in the Shrek run. To begin with, I bought the tickets a day in advance to avoid the Sat. "nanny and baby mamma matinee" rush that you know the opening weekend of a rated G movie can bring. So all that I needed to do was show up, get my cool 3D glasses, and sit my ass down somewhere. Honestly I'm starting to be over the whole 3D trend right about now, but I had a feeling that this movie would do it justice...and did it! From the first opening scene, you can tell that their intent was for this to be in 3D in the first place, and not just jumping on the bandwagon last minute to rake in a few extra bucks. Or it least I think they didn't (lol). Whatever the case, it worked. What also worked was the pacing of the film. The story about how married life for Shrek was wearing him thin, didn't drag on. The main characters and plot was set up so you can jump right in, while being respectful to the story of the last 3 before this one. The ONLY problem(s ) I did have was that the film's villain "Rumplelambskin" sorry..."Rumplestilskin" was (to me, in my opinion) EXACTLY the same villain character ("Syndrome") from the Incredibles movie! Height, voice similarities, (red) hair and all! Mine you, I love both characters, but I'm just pointing it out. And the only OTHER problem I had wasn't with the movie itself per se'. It was the fact that to the left of me seated was some freakin' "man-boy" oooo-ing and ah-ing and cackling loudly at EVERYTHING that came on the screen! UNF**KIN' believable dude! Is this your first time EVER watching a 3D movie and s**t?!? Or a f**kin' movie PERIOD?!!? Sheesh louise! The louder he laughed, the LOUDER I laughed, but he never caught on. Then to top things off to the right of me was some 10 yr. old kid SNORING like a man twice his age! Then was pissed, when his dad finally woke him up as the credits was rolling! Kid, you're pissed? Yeah? Well we were too! Your pops shoulda woke that ass up a long time ago! I was thisclose to putting my popcorn bag over his head, and taking the charge! Leaving Shrek in handcuffs LOL! I'm giving this one 4 out of 5 M's!

"Brooklyn's a Hard Act To Swallow!"-Who Spike (Lee) 'd The Punch?

Say WORD! Now it's bad enough that Brooklyn is the largest consumer of Henny (Gray Goose, Patron, Red Stripe and Heiniken) NOW thanks to a collabo with Spike Lee, Absolut vodka is naming yet another (limited edition) alcoholic product after the world famous borough! Said to be flavored with notes of red apple (a homage to"the Big Apple") and ginger, priced nice at $24.99, bottles are to hit stores this week. And will be on shelves for about four months. When asked just HOW did this concept come about, Spike said "Honestly, I was upset and puzzled on how in the HELL these Tyler Perry movies keep becoming #1 at the box office all the damn time! So out of frustration I turned to the bottle, and that bottle was Absolut. I had an "A ha!" moment and got on the phone and made it happen! I came down to me & Jay (-Z) repping the brand for Brooklyn, but he's serious about that Ace of Spades stuff right now so..." Now friends whom I know that's tried it say "It has a unique taste, that quietly sneaks up on you, and grabs you by the throat. And makes you wanna give up your wallet, jewelery and your cell phone!" Or have told me "Yo! That s**t's STRONG yo! It'll have you pissing in a project staircase something serious SON!" Well...ummm...okay, THAT'S Brooklyn for ya, and I'll drink to that! Drink it responsibly. ESPECIALLY in Brooklyn!

Brooklyn, we go HARD! And that's exactly how we like our drinks! LOL!

Friday, May 21, 2010

"Good Morning, Time To Find Your Love" -Drake and Dirty Money Latest Vids

Now I haven't watched videos in a MINUTE! And for good reason too! One is , I HARDLY ever watch TV to begin with and two all of the videos lately look as if thay were shoot the SAME day inside of the SAME club! Here's two though that caught my fancy, that I thought I should share with you. REALLY not feeling the Diddy/Dirty Money song, but I'm not hating on the video. And it seems like Drake FINALLY got a good video under his belt...good for him! Go take a look see.

"Flea The Scene!" -The Brooklyn Flea Returns To The Yard

Hip, hipster horray! The Sun is shining bright and the Brooklyn Flea has moved back outside! And all is right with the world. After a few windy weekends the Brooklyn Flea is starting to get back to it's ol' self now that the weather acting right. It's a better vibe and energy when it's held out doors if you ask me (wait, ARE you asking me?). Here's some pics from the Flea the would make the purest breed itch!

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"