Friday, February 22, 2008

"Ol' School, New School Needs to learn" - Pt. 4

If there's anything you say about LL Cool J, you'd have to admit that dude is a survivor by any standard of the word. After reinventing himself
more times than Diddy changes his name, LL has managed to avoid the many pitfalls that being in the industry can bring.
Not one to shy way from a "good fight", Mama Said Knock You Out (and the album of the same name) was his street anthem answer to all those who were wary that he was beginning to stray away from his hardcore origins. "Mama Said..." and the sampled song
"Trip to Your Heart"
by Sly & the Family Stone, is a great example of how to opposites can work together. Classic Love / Hate.
Sly sings of the pursuit of affection, while LL's take speaks on the haters that doubt his lyrical prowess. Both are classics. So listen to "Mama" and follow ..."Your heart."

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