Saturday, February 9, 2008

"Lady and the Champ" - Mary J. & Jay-Z tour

Talk about a long time coming! The biggest artist in both their music genres, and long time collaborators,
and Mary J. Blige team up to do a Spring tour that should be titled
"the REAL Best of
Both Worlds"
So far dates set for the
NYC area are:
MARCH 27th

-Nassau Coliseum,
MARCH 28th

-Izod Center (formally the Continental Arena), and if you lucked out scoring tickets at those two places then
MARCH 30th

-the Wachovia
(Watch Hova lol) Center in Philly. Prices start at $138 and go up to (get this) $4935 bucks! So many kids college funds WILL get tapped...I'm sorry. This is a once in a life-time concert to attend, besides on-line colleges aren't really that bad any more.

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