Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"Flipping Out"-Free iHOP Pancakes?!

Now this is news to me too, but apparently today is
National Pancake
Day (yeah never heard of it either),
but now that am aware of it, HELL YEAH am a jump on it!
pancakes all day?!
That's like saying free burgers to (Popeye character) "Whimpy!"
This Feb. 12th will make the 3rd of it's kind in conjunction with benefiting the Children's Miracle Network, so your eating of "free" 'cakes will actually be a charitable act. Win win for everybody involved.
iHOP only asks that guest donate the amount they would have paid for the "freebie" meal to the charity. The pancake chain is looking to not only raise your calories & cholestoral rate, but $750,000 in donations. Hopeful that'll go toward a charity to help cure you once you get diabetes, from all those pancakes w/ syrup. Just joking (but no really). Eat up Short stack.

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