Monday, March 31, 2008

Brand Fan: "All Good In the Wood" -Brian Wood

You ever follow a brand really hard, then by the next year or so you're wondering how it ever made it into your closet? Well Brian Wood is working REALLY HARD to not be one of those brands. Slowly (and rather smartly) moving away from the stigma that certain street wear labels, BW's newest collection looks like it's "splintering" off from the others to "get his grown man look on" with his Fall season designs. From the looks of things to come he'll do just fine...knock on Wood (lol).

"Brooklyn Bunny"- Bugs Is From Bk?

Just a couple of days ago, someone had questioned the noticable pattern of vintage Mickey Mouse sweaters I had been wearing of recent. My only answer I had to give for the reason why is, "Oh, well he's iconic worldwide...Like i hope to be. Plus it's a great conversation starter." However, truth be told, deep down I'm a diehard Bugs Bunny fan. Always have, always will. Other than the image and artistic design of Mickey, the cartoon itself I never found funny, which I always thought cartoons should be right? I always dug Bugs simply because, in damn near every feature he was in, the premise was basically the same; He's going about his everyday business, someone comes along and interrupts his good time, and then he spends the rest of the episode making them understand "don't eff with Bugs!" You'll lost everytime. Anyway, that's why I was so drawn to his character, since the days of my youth. Now here's the other the reason, besides the obvious accent, he was from my hometown of Brooklyn! Yep, don't believe me well I've uncovered undenible proof to support my case that he was a BK bunny..."What up NOW Doc!" Enjoy

"The McNority Report"-As Good As Golden

The great "Golden Arches" sent me an e-mail in hopes that I would remind "you people" that the 6-piece McNugget deal for a dollar (plus tax) is official DONE! As of 12:00am Monday morning March 31st (today people), you will be back to having two nuggets less, with the usual 4-piece dollar deal. They're figuring that being that this IS "the Minority Report", that this would be the best way to get the word out to folks. So please do us all a favor and remember. Instead of standing in line for a half hr. holding up the line, only to reach the counter to ask "Yo, is that 6-piece deal still going on?" "NO negro! Just buy two 4's... Next!"

Friday, March 28, 2008

"Don't Sleep on Brooklyn" -YUME BKNY Pajammy Jam Reminder

Don't get caught sleeping on Sat.
YUME and the Minority Report and Coup D'Etat BK are playing host to THEE biggest pajama party to Brooklyn hands down.

Remember Spike Lee's "School Daze"or better yet Kid & Play's "House Party?" Well, our good friends at YUME have planned an event harking back to those infamous "Pajama Jam" party scenes that those movies popularize back in the 90's and they're doing to for '08! YES, the old school "PJ Party" will make it's comeback debut @ Loft 406, and we would love for you to be in the mix. But wait don't just throw anything together, matching tops and bottoms preferred (lol). Hey even lingerie, if you're confident like that. But however please, don't show off anything, NO ONE else wants to see!

after party
Loft 406 (YUME)
925 Bergen St. near Franklin Ave.
Saturday, March 29th
Music, Drinks, and Good fun...A lil' mayhem too!

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.19)

As you can plainly see from the pics, last Wednesday's past event at KUSH ("theDARK" /"Black on Black in Black") was a SMASH! I was truly a "family" reunion, besides the launch and B'day affair going on. Happy Birthday once again to Jahrem. I was alot of in the room. Fear not if you missed it, we're setting things off once again...this time in good ol' BK this upcoming Thurs. for "the Class Reunion" hosted by heaVy. Hope to see you in those pics, for now enjoy these.

"the Class Reunion"
Every 1st Thursday of the month starting April 3rd be there!
Scopello -63 Lafayette St.Bklyn
FREE 9pm-1am
Hosted HEAvY

"Ol' School, New School Need to Learn..." Pt.6

Wow! If you talk about a "from rags to riches" story, you have a great example with these two songs. Back in 1991
Crystal Waters
(sounds like an energy drink right?) had reached Billboard (#8) success with her catchy tale about a homeless woman who had an annoying habit of singing "La da de dow dow"
while she pan-handled.
Who knew that she was sitting on dance hit gold?
I guess besides Ms. Waters, T.I. knew too. Cause in '06 the brother planted the "seeds of doubt" in the mind of a pretty young Miss that he was digging, to the tune of the "homeless" hit for "Why You Wanna". Giving him #1 status on Billboard. I hope one of these guys gave back (lol). Well here's my donation to you.

(*FYI, T.I. plead guilty to all those gun charges he was accused of so you'll be seeing him in a really bright orange suit soon, in stead of the tweed one pictured here)

"Get Yo Roll On!"-Roll, Skate, Bounce in BK

Even though the "Empire" has been defeated (both in Star Wars and in Brooklyn) the art of rollerskating seems to be making it's way back to the beloved boro of BK. Studio B in Williamsburg will be hosting it's third "Down-N-Derby" rollerskating theme party this Friday (March 28th). Trust me is is not for the first-timers or faint-of-heart. These skaters are SERIOUS! From their stripped headbands, right down to their knee-high tube socks, they walk the walk and look the part. I know American Apparel makes a KILLIN' off of folks when these events come around. You can't find a nice pair of gold leggings anywhere in town (not that I personal was looking, lol).

Studio B (259 Banker St. near Meserole)
Friday, March 28th 10PM-4AM
$7 at door $5 w/RSVP (
$3 skate rentals or BYOS (bring or own s**t)
21 and over only

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"