Monday, February 4, 2008

"We Are Champions, My Friend"- Giants Win!

"There is no such thing as perfection"

Point proven today, when the Giants pulled an upset when their doubted victory destroyed the Patriots chances to ending their season with a "perfect" undefeated record. The key to todays
win was simple...the Giants figured out "the formula." The best offense is a great defensive.
Just stop the other team from scoring just enough, while scoring for yourself. Lucky for the Giants their offensive had Eli Manning on it's side, which is just fine enough by them. Not taking nothing away from the Patriots, they're good...Damn good! Hence NYs low score. However we were just BETTER. Now from the Super Bowl on to Super Tuesday. If only America got just as excited about the election as they do a sporting event. The way the campaign has being going, someone needs to throw a flag down, and call personal fouls when a candidate starts running smear ads. Give 'em a penalty I say.
Go Giants, now go Obama!
See you at the parade and then the polls.

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