Thursday, April 25, 2013

"Ready, Set, GLOW!" -The Complete Guide To Everything "FASHION 500"

Man, it seems like FOREVER since we last did a huge brunch party of this caliber right? Our last attempt was supposed to be on Easter Sunday. But as faith would have it the venue of choice (RSVP) got sold from right under our dancing feet. So now you can imagine how anxious we are to come back even HARDER! Cause like you we need a gooood party right about now! Plus the weather looks like it's finally off it's period (lol).  Anyway as luck would have it, our staple event for April is...Black Fashion Month the "FASHION 500" was our next big project to present to the masses. And what PERFECT timing. So with the combination of great weather, one of the best venue's in the city (Hotel On Rivington /CO-OP Food & Drinks), awesome brunch food (see menus below), and the whole city behind us, it's no wonder that we're at 500+ RSVP's for this event! "FASHION 5OO" brings together the largest collective of fashion savy people (of color) NYC has to offer, all under one roof. You will see seasoned stylists, make-up artist, personal shoppers, fashion bloggers, retail buyers and the like, clinking glass and two-stepping in the name of fashion.  But wait...there's MORE! Sunday's event will also play host to TWO more events. One being the birthday celebration for Block Association member Lyshaan "L.A." Hall, and the other will be the site launch for Block Association member Alanzo "Danny Ocean" Dale's (that's me) page. BONG! BONG! Gunshot hand in the air!

Down below I've taken the liberty of post the invite flier (1),  the brunch menu selections (2), the after 5pm menu (3), the event long bottle specials (4), Lyshaan's b'day invite, and the Flash Mob Films photography teaser.  The brunch will be a $40 pre-fixe w/ two cocktail drink included, after 5pm meals price differently. Essence Magazine will be in attendance, taking photos for their site. Uptown Magazine will be giving issues away. And lastly bottles will be popped in abundance for b'days other than L.A.'s being celebrated. RSVP TODAY and enjoy ya self Sunday!

The Block Association presents
An "April is Black Fashion Month event... 

The 4th Annual"Fashion 500" Brunch Party
Sunday April 28th
@Hotel On Rivington
107 Rivington St off Essex St.
Music by DJ Trauma & Frei Speech + Danny Ocean
Hosted by Silky Valentè
NO cover w/ RSVP to
B'days & bottle service;

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"