Thursday, February 28, 2008

"Everybody 1, 2, Stretch"- the Fly Spy

Sorry to tell you (not really), but you are NOT the pioneer of fashion that you think you are! The deep V-neck, the enormous white sunglasses, the colored pencil thin
stretch jeans

(what else could he wear?), all those things, you have to credit Plastic Man for rocking first.
While getting fitted for his costume as a fighter of crime,
"Plas" had a moment of inspiration and said
to his tailor
"Hey, you think you can make the neck line a wee bit deeper?"
"There's no reason I can't bring sexy back while bringing
the crime rate down...right?"
And viola', the style yet to be trend was created.
Word has it that the other "Supes" frowned upon "the P. Man"
and his new fashion statement saying,
"You need to humble yourself when you're catching bad guys!"
"Picking up chicks, is a distraction in this line of work dude."
However Plastic Man stayed the course and joking replied
"Well BOO HOO, they've mainly upset that I can stretch every part of my body...EVERY part (wink) and the ladies dig me for it," "Knowhatimasyin'?"
Well years later we FINALLY get it, and so does the kids of L.E.S. and Williamsburg. You were the first to stretch the limits of men's fashion and the Minority Report salutes you.

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