Thursday, February 7, 2008

"Gucci's Trump Card" -New Store Opening.

As if you couldn't fulfill you insatiable thirst for the luxury brand, Gucci super-sizes and upgrades their 5th Ave. location in March once they relocate to their new address in Trump Tower.
You'll have more than 45,000 sq ft. and 3 whole flrs.
to pace around in while you contemplate about that next credit card bill. To celebrate the Grand Opening (and to mock still bitter ex-designer Tom Ford) Gucci will release the specially designed "Gucci ❤ NY" bag to commemorate the occasion. Which will probably be bootlegged and on Canal St. by the time you you finish reading this. Gucci would like to thank you for your donation (ie, bag or shoe purchase) to help pay for the $80 million dollar move. G's up!

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