Thursday, January 31, 2008

"Erykah's New Buzz Cut" - HONEY

Over the holidays, I was badly
bedridden with some cold/flu like sickness for 2 weeks
straight, that had me
downing a warm honey
and raspberry tea concoction, like it was a huge cooler
getting dunked on a winning coach's head by his team.
So I'm pretty familiar with the stuff Erykah Badu
is crooning about. Yet she seems to make it sound SO much sweeter. If you haven't heard already, or simply not read this blog your reading right now, Ms. Badu has got some new tunes 'bout to drop. Here's the first single, wanna hear it...
well here it go.

"Winter Fresh...Ballin" -the Fly Spy

Oh...What? Oh you thought you were the 1st to start rocking the ol' school ski hats with the ball on top? Nooo sir, ya man Chilly Willy was a fashion icon unappreciated in his time. Just peep the the two tone pom pom skully slightly tilted off to the side, complimented with a matching English-knotted scarf. Classic! Last year, you were the bomb if you sported a bomber hat. In '08 if you're not rockin' a "Willy" you simply look silly. Ice cold BABY!

"Doin' Tai Bo in my Bow Tie" Pt.2- the Fly Spy

As promised here's part 2. to "tie" up the loose ends for the bow tie article I posted earlier. It may take quite a few tries, but once you get it, guarantee your savior faire points will increase double fold.
Just click on each of these
to increase the size and post'em up on the mirror.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"Run" Tell Dat-Gnarls Barkley Returns

Trying to find leaked, bootlegged, live or even voice recording of these cats on the Internet is like looking for "Morpheus" inside the "Matrix!" Can't explain how they manage to do it, in a time where another artist's whole album gets posted on the net... Gnarls Barkley are digital ghost (lol). Crazy huh? No pun intended..well maybe (sue me.) But at last patience prevails, because today I finally got a glimpse of hope that one of few favored groups I actually long to hear has a song circulating the "waves" now. After the first listen, then running the song back twice before I formed an unbiased opinion. I gotta, say number one, that I like it. And secondly it reminds me of something that would've gotten into the Cloverfield soundtrack, or at least the end credits. Here you have a listen, I'm not stingy wit mine.

OOPS (I spoke too soon, file has been removed, sorry)

"the Alpha-Bit Boys" -M(J) TV

I'm pretty sure this ain't what Young Jezzy had in mind when he said "dem Alphabet Boys got us under surveillance... " But hey, it's still funny to think so.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.1)

Capturing fun is HARD work! Yeah it looks good,
but coming home smelling like spilt Mojitos ain't a good look.
Here's the pics form last weeks festivities at HIRO BALLROOM,
and ya boy Pan's B'day bash at BOUCAROU LOUNGE.

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.2)

Pictured below are the subject of envy. Free Magazine's event
w/ Remy Martin at
the MADISON, then Sat. at AURA and off to CHENTO. Enjoy what you missed.

Monday, January 28, 2008

"Flexin' At Big Cap" -Capsule trade show '08

Picture here are just some of the highlighted brands on display at this year's Capsule Trade Show. Look to add these to a closet near you!
Bijules, Clae, Corpus, Creative Recreation, Gram SE, Krane, Penfield, Spring Court, Kicking Mule, Fiber and Fabric

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"