Monday, February 25, 2008

"The Scoop on Raisin" -Raisin in the Sun airs tonight on ABC

And first glance I swore this was a new
Sean John ad.
Or maybe Unforgivable, or Ciroc, or the return of Bad Boy (yeah right), perhaps Making of the Band 12 or whatever million things this guy is up to. But it was nether
of those things, It's actually a promo shot for the airing of tonight's
premier movie "Raisin in the Sun" , in which Sean "Diddy" Combs starred in during it's run on Broadway some time ago. For those (myself included) that's unfamiliar with the story's synopsis here it goes:
Set in 1950s Chicago, the drama centers on the Younger family, who anxiously await a $10,000 insurance check and the ensuing squabbles over how to spend it. Combs plays Walter Lee, a role made famous by Sidney Poitier. Looking to assert his manhood and to use the money to finance his dreams of owning a business, Walter Lee finds himself at odds with his widowed mother, Lena, his ambitious sister, Beneatha and long-suffering wife.

Sounds like another day up at the Bad Boy office (lol.)
8PM (ABC) be sure to watch, in between your weekly "Idol" fix,
as Diddy adds another title to his name...Actor.

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