Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Black & Blue All Over" -Support Obama Rocking Blue

Here the memo if you missed it that's been floating around the "O-Diddy" camps:

Tues. Sept 30th TODAY
Wear the color Blue
Register 2 Voters
Call 2 individuals in a swing state on personal cell.
Obama t-shirts and bumper stickers will be sold.
Networking and sharing information pro Obama.

"My Paper Trail's Thicke Like Jennifer!" -J Hud, Robin Thicke, & T.I. Drop NEW Music

Clear some space in your hard drive or upgrade the GB's on your iPod cause not one but three highly anticipated CDs drop today, that are sure to be in heavy rotation in your headphones. American Idol contestant & Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson finally releases her first self titled CD "Jennifer Hudson" which if you ask me should've dropped right after she won the golden statue. The first single is kinda "Whitney Houston before Bobby"-ish but it's MAD catchy! And I guess that IS the point of a single right? Next up is R&B's "Great White Hope" (if Justin fails) Robin Thicke. I'm hoping this release is just as fire as the first one, that I ran HEAVY. "Magic Touch" is wishfully thinking that he'll beat the sophomore jinx. But then again it's really his THIRD album not second so...Umm, good luck wit dat. Lastly, T.I. returns quickly after a not so widely received "T.I. vs T.I.P." He's always been an underdog favorite of mine and one of the very few rappers left that I'd purchase a CD of, without a pre-hearing.

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt. 94)

Hey, I just came across these lost pics I took a few weeks back. They were taken in Bloomie's at this event for WESC & Nylon mag in honor of...I'm not really sure WHAT it was in honor of, I just read somewhere on the invite that you could score some FREE Bloomingdale/WESC exclusive headphones, and that's all that really mattered to me. Basically truth be told (lol). So off I went to rendezvous w/ Renee (yet ANOTHER friend that works in the Ralph Lauren camp) to find out how true this giveaway thing was. Ash called and heard the words "free" and was over there to meet us in "Jamacian man world record" time, to score her own pair too.
Not long did it take for it to get crowded in there (don't really know why you must RSVP, but no one checks the list) and lines start forming for the open bar line, that folks thought was the comp headphones line. DUH! When they did realize it, it was too late. Headphones done off! As a gift of gratitude for all he's been doing for me in the past and present, I re-gifted my headphones and give them to fellow Virgo Deffrei (aka DJ Blackocaine/Ahficionados) for his B'day, being that he ironically lost his own that same week.

Friday, September 26, 2008

"House Party, WHITE House Style!" -Palin's Daughter In HOT Video!

Sorry, but Hip-Hop has gotten so big that even the Republican VP nominated Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol, is dropping videos!?! Here's a video of the Alaskan party girl throwing some back. Get ya sip on girl! Ernie Gaines is gonna be HUGE man (no homo)! "Sip It" -Ernie Gaines feat. T.I.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Warm It Up (Mc)Cain!" -Obama Debate Lines Leaked!

Yesterday I received a mysterious e-mail for an anonymous person claiming that not only has Obama become close pals w/ "Jay Hova", he's also having him ghost write his opening lines for the now canceled debate tomorrow! Word?!? I wrote back with the quickness to follow up on this seemingly tall tell, and got my new source to leak the intercepted Blackberry message of what "Jigga My Nigga" wrote for O-Diddy. Here's just a snippet:

"Come, get some, you Republican bum
I take the cake but you can't get a crumb.
From the political, superior, ultimate, plus I'm articulate, - while you on that dumb shit!
I'm the original, Asiatic, acrobatic
There you have it, now get dramatic
Creatin hype in Denver at the DNC.
Speeches pack'em in mean, like Bruce Springsteen
I provide a style that's mild and meanwhile
puttin' you & Bush asses out to exile
Make you tumble and stumble, in a rumble just CRUMBLE, and I'm still calm and humble.
And on the mic I ravage, not like a savage
but in my own way of doin' damage
As I design the genuine line
Now who'll be sworn in the zero-nine?"

"You CAN'T warm it up McCain!"

I think they working on puttin' music to this, and placing it as a hidden track on Jay-Z's "Blue-Print 3" album. What's next a picture of the soon-to-be Prez on Air-Force One IN some Air Force Ones?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"...Got Swagger Like Us!" -the Return of the Black Cocktail Party

It's ALMOST here ya'll!
Just TWO DAYS away!
"Sew Far, Soul Good!"

-the cocktail event of the year!
Honoring those in Fashion and in Music. We'll be honoring for this first one Pieces Boutique (men's & women's) Harriet's Alter Ego (women's), and the Brooklyn Circus (men's). Add to that Butch Diva's Anniversary plus NJV (Not Just Vintage) pre-Anni-
versary as well. BONKERS! Simply put...You deserve to party better.

Fri Sept.26th '08
"Sew Far, Soul Good!"-Cocktail Dress & Black Tie Gala
Special live performance! Jeese Boykins III & Tiye Phoenix
Celebrating the Union of Fashion & Music
@ the Pink Room -199 Bowery St. NYC
Music by DJ Spinna & DJ Scratch (of EPMD)
Hord'Oeuvres & Appetizers Served
Dress w/21st Century elegance
Ladies; Cocktail dresses, Skirts, Tuxedo pants.
Guys;Blazer or vest, Button down w/ neck tie. Slacks or Jeans w/shoes or sneakers...FRESH ones!

WOW! Look who's talking:

How can this MANY people be wrong?!? See you on Fri. @ the Pink Room!

"Put On My Best, Can't Believe That She Said YES!" -A Style Guide For "Sew Far Soul Good!"

Before cats put there chapped lips together, and accuse me if not providing them with some sort of guidance to help them prepare for the cocktail event on Friday ("Sew Far, So Good!" -the Pink Room). I've taken it upon myself to give ya'll some looks to get "dressed to impress" because quite honestly we'll NEED you to help balance out the ratio of the finest dressed, fashion savvy, career -minded women NYC has to offer. Each and every one of these looks CAN be pulled off w/sneakers...if done correctly (or if you even choose to wear kicks period.) So NO excuses Jahiem, Kamal, Leroi...or whatever they're calling you these days (lol). Only REAL gentlemen need apply. *Btw, that last look/pic is what NOT to wear.

Fri. Sept. 26th

"Sew Far, Soul Good!"-Cocktail Dress & Black Tie
Celebrating the Union of Fashion & Music
@ the Pink Room -199 Bowery St. NYC
Music by DJ Spinna & DJ Scratch (of EPMD)
Special live performance! Jeese Boykins III & Tiye Phoenix
Admission $15 in advance.
Hord'Oeuvres & Appetizers Served

Make sure you purchase tix or an outfit at these locations:

the Brooklyn Circus -258 Bergen St. near Nevins ave. 718-222-9772
Pieces (of Brooklyn) - 671 Vanderbilt Ave 718-857-7211
Harriet's Alter Ego - 293 Flatbush Ave. 718-783-2074
Addy & Ferro - 672 Fulton near S. Elliot 718- 264-2900

Pics cortesy of 360 Swagger & the Satorialist

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"Not Your Average (Trader) Joe(s)" -BK Gets Yet Another BIG Biz.

No, you're not looking at the inside of another Wall St. bank gone bust. It's the interior of the newest Trader Joes to be opening in Brooklyn. This Friday (Sept. 26th), as a matter of fact! BK winos are rejoicing all over the borough. But word is the new location (inside the landmark Independence Bank building) will stock not one drop of wine at ALL. Yes, the sobering news hit all fans of Two-buck Chuck HARD. So why are they opening anyway if there's NO wine? They plan on trying a new approach with this one by actual selling other product such as food I think. So stop "wine'n" and grow up.

"Get Into the Party Life!" -Corks Poppin' Er'where!

Tonight if your fortunate to still make on to the RSVP list, I highly recommend you find your way over to Katra tonight! Why? Mike "Manchini" is hit the BIG 3-0 and he's bring out Camp Lo along with him! and guess what...You're invited!

"Chapter 30"
Live performance by Camp Lo
Free celebratory shot courtesy of Seraphin Cognac
Dope music by DJ Mick Boogie & DJ Brina Payne
B'Day celebration for co-owner of Gakcity.com & Team Mancini

Wednesday, September 24th, Pink Positive NY in collabo-
ration with Children of Da Curb will be getting NYC residents registered to vote at Come out and get registered and get our voices heard!

Wed. Sept 24nd

Children of Da Curb Presents...

Sutra Lounge -16 First Ave (bet 1st st & 2nd st)
Music By Radio Rose and DJ Elle
Hosted By Pink Positive NY, Bust Magazine, Lena Lollipop, MeLo-X, Street Cosignor, Miaku

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt. 93)

Rarely do I make a big deal about celebrating my B'day (last Fri at Tamboril) but this was a good year, plus I have GREAT folks around to bring it in with so...F#@k it, why the hell NOT?!? And I'll honestly say, this was the best one in a looong while. It got off to a late start, but it was a "fashionably late" start (lol). As you'll soon notice in the pics below, it was alot of love going around the room. I couldn't tell you who all showed face cause I honestly was too saucy to remember (lmao). How I still managed to pull off taking pics is any one's guess, but there they are in full color for your enjoyment. If you couldn't make it all is forgiven once I see you this Fri. attending our "Sew Far, Soul Good!" event at the Pink Room! Now it's the Libras turn to party. Don't wait too late to cop your tix man!

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"