Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"The Final Word!" - "Word To Everything..." Says Farewell, So Long & Goodnight! Tues. Oct.6th

I write this with tears in my eyes that next Tues. (Oct. 6th) will the FINALE night of our beloved after work Summer series of good fun @ Aspen. Yeah, I HATE hearing bad news too, but SO many things have come up that need our collective attention and we ( Dirty Debutante & the Minority Report) wanted it to end on a note so we're pulling a "Seinfeld" while it's still FRESH! But BOY did we have a run huh?!? The listening parties (Esso, Ernie Gaines, Eric Roberson...Wow just realized all "E" names) the countless B'day party blowouts, the who's who of DJ's in NY, the spontaneous dance floor, the fashion releases...WHEW! I'm really gonna miss ALL that just like you. But fear not Spring will be here soon, and maybe you'll get a one-off outta us from time to time. But regardless of that, THANK YOU! You made "WORD!" the hottest after work out this year hands down! And we LOVE ya'll for that. Here's a gallery of (almost) all the faces that slide through our "rustic log cabin" doors. Terry Urban & Mick Boogie will be spinning the FINAL night. I pray you'll join us for that to say "HEY HEY HEY GOODBYE!" That's my last "WORD!" on that. Enjoy (& Facebook) the pics below.

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"