Friday, February 15, 2008

"One Sat. Night Live"- Tracy Morgan show

Weather you find him funny or not, one thing is for certain, dude is NUTSO! I once hosted an event that Tracy Morgan and a small group of his friends decided to make an cameo at. When stopped by security for the mandatory frisk, he decided
to take off his shirt...and kept it off the whole night!
If this is a hint of how he is being serious, then him joking could only be funnier. Well if your relationship is a joke, or you and your "Baby Boo" need to get out on the town, he'll be performing along with "the modern day Teddy Pendagrass" Jaheim for one night only. You'll probable be at the I Know YUME event,
but i'll still give you the info anyway.
"The Best of Both Worlds"
feat. Jaheim & Tracy Morgan!
Saturday February 16th, 2008
Utopia's Paradise Theater -
2413 Grand Concourse & 187th St. Bronx, NY
Doors open @ 7:30pm - Show starts @ 9:00pm
Vip $100, Orchestra $85
Mezzanine $75 - $65

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